China's "Groundscaper" hotel subterranean resort

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    Would you spend $300 a night to sleep underground? You might, once you see the jaw-dropping designs for China's latest hotel project

    2 April, 2012

    For more than a decade, China has been a front-runner in the world’s skyscraper race.

    Now the country is taking the pole position in digging “groundscrapers” -- enormous structures built mostly underground.

    Most recently, ground has been broken on construction of a high-end hotel at the foot of Shanghai’s Tianmashan ( a k a Tianma Mountain) in a 100-meter-deep pit.

    Developed by Shanghai Shimao Property Group and to be managed by InterContinental Hotels Group, the hotel, named InterContinental Shimao Shanghai Wonderland, is expected to extend 19 stories into the bottom of the pit.

    It's due to open in late 2014 or early 2015.

    Construction of the 380-room InterContinental Shimao Shanghai Wonderland commenced last month.

    The 19-story hotel will have three levels above ground, and 16 underground, including an underwater restaurant.

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  2. fwiw, the term "groundscrapers" was originally used to described block long buildings in NYC. For example, the Farley post office, the NY public library on 5th ave or Grand Central terminal.

    Then using the architecture of long horizontal bridges applied vertically the "skyscraper" was born.

    The fires which burned most of Chicago way back when the cow kicked over the latern gave birth to the idea of skyscrapers, all the great architects chimed in on how to rebuild Chicago, for practice. the real skyscrapers were then built in NYC. Boyah!
  3. 1) Do you live in Brooklyn, Queens or northern New Jersey? :confused:
    2) It gave "birth" to masonry construction instead of using lumber so there wouldn't be any more firestorms. :eek:
    3) Steel construction was still ~20 years away. :cool:
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  6. It is funny ya know.

    He left out elevators....:D

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    Good grief. I sleep underground every night in a house I designed and for the most part built after I retired. Nice and quiet and temperature stable.
  8. Yeah because before those chicago fires, EVERYONE used lumber in construction, like those wooden castles in europe, or those giant pyramids made of oak in Egypt.