China's Google hack done in retaliation for recent U.S. missile sale to Taiwan.

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  1. China warned the U. S. less than a week ago about the missile sale - which really tweaked their national pride.

    Broader conflict could be at hand.
  2. Logic


    Personally, I think if this was a retaliatory measure against US action with Taiwan, it'd be something more significant, such as cybertheft of say, missile data.

    It's not like hacking some human rights activists' accounts are going to punish Taiwan or the US at all.
  3. Besides Google is far from a US only based institution. China steals everything. There is no such thing as intellectual property there.
  4. Stop fear mongering. Someone hacking Google does not mean a broader conflict is at hand.
  5. <b>Get Real....</b>

    The USA Military and USA Intelligence Agencies are hacking and slamming other countries Network systems 24/7 hours a day - 365 days a year... NO question about it... trying to steal, grab, take as much sensitive info they possibly can...

    What is the point of this article.. its nothing... about anything being done to the USA... right like we are not doing it RIGHT back and probably a LOT harder all over the world and even domestically within on our borders.. sheesh... common...

    The intelligence agencies of the world coined the term: The Great Game... and this is just one more part of it...

    Sad thing is how corporations - Google - have to sell out to other nations to keep their market share... not easy running a biz...
  6. It was more wide spread than many people imagine. About 30 U.S. entities in total.
  7. Google helps the US govt snoop on everyone, so wtf is the big deal when china does it???

    and also it's not like we have the freaking high ground on governments illegally and unconstitutionally tapping peoples phones, intercepting peoples emails, installing keyloggers on their computers (google "raptor" and "magic lantern").

    How hypocritical...
  8. sumfuka


    They probably hack Google to D/L Tiger Woods porn videos. :D
  9. lol, by "raptor" I mean "carnivore." Got myself all worked up :)