China's GDP of 11% got nothing...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by rateesquad, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Yup. chinese gdp of just 11% is laughable compared to the countries above it.

    Even got damned Lienchenstein w/ pop. of 33,987 beat them. Shame on them.

    Check out Azerbaijan at 34+% even if inflation would be in high teens it still a good pay off. I am learning azerbaijanese, LOL. Like Roger's daughter is learning Mandarin.

    Check out te rest of the list.

    PS their unemployment is 1.2%. They are doing something right.
    Inflation 8%.
  2. Two words, oil.
  3. The other word being.... :confused: :p
  4. 49% of the population under poverty line :p

    But seriously, they have some good numbers and the country is 8 million strong. Oh and look at their wonderful friends, Russia to the north, Iran to the south and Armenia to the west :p
  5. Serious question,

    Do you guy think they have a flat tax??
  6. Is that where Harry Potter went to?