China's CNOOC signs $16B Gas deal with Iran, beginning of WW3?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Copernicus, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. I love the comment someone made about the Chinese having an advanced military technologically speaking.


    And the only advantage we have is SSNs or Fast Attack subs. Riiiight. How about all those military sats up in the sky? Not to mention the Chinese buying old russian equipment, and barely having anything of their own that is worth mention. Oh no, look out! It's a mig-16!
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  2. Daal


    It would take HUGE sums of money to win a war against china only by air. Look at the trouble and amount spent in iraq, a 30M pop country. If we try ground attack, well they have a two million men army waiting for us, and that's before the draft!
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  3. toc


    'well they have a two million men army waiting for us, and that's before the draft!'

    US is the champ in fighting a military vrs military war. What is happening in Iraq is military vrs guerrillas and even the US does not have a definite answer to insurgency type of war.

    US vrs China would be one sided given vastly inferior Chinese equiptment and training but if PLA breaks off and goes into the guerrilla mode then, it will be a monster of a mess.

    Why would US go to war against China.........does not make any sense!
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  4. Daal


    The chinese could be equiped with swiss army knifes and they would still win as far as ground is concerned. They could raise possibly 50 million in soldiers with a draft(as they certainly trained in authoritarian measures). The only way to beat china would be through hydrogen and nuclear bombs, problem is, they would strike back!
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  5. not a war directly at the US at first,but maybe taiwan at first? i always thought the chinese would like to get back at the japanese for.bit of hatred there for sure
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  6. Daal


    Paulson said in 2004 that if the taiwan situation played it out the US should intervene. He wasn't in the government back then but here you have the most important embassor of the US in China saying 'you put a finger in the taiwanese and we bomb you gooks'
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  7. over oil and other natural resources when they become more scarce.
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  8. not saying that Shanghai isnt booming or anything, but dont confuse the buildout in infrastructure - highways etc, and new skyscrapers with extraordinary growth. even old Europe is booming if you look at it from that angle. All the Chinese have is cheap labor, thats it.. technology is pirated, and all that high tech production that is talked about is really assembly of low priced electronics. there is little to none, new technology coming out of mainland China.
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  9. Tums


    obviously you have never visited China
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  10. Rocko1


    I was in China from 2002 to 2005, Copernicus is right on most of the items. Despite that, the Chinese government is desperately trying to promote innovation to hedge against these problems, though progress has been painfully slow.
    China also faces much more dramatic problems of water, electricity, and etc. energy shortage, corruption. Pollution is so bad that you WILL age faster (at least your skin will) if you live there over an extended period of time. One obvious hint would be the fact that so many Chinese citizens are desperate to leave the country. You can basically see this negative influence lowering the income per capita for Hong Kong since 1997.
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