China´s Dagong rating agency downgrades US rating to A+ / outlook negative...

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ASusilovic, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    does this do anything at all?
  2. "In essence the depreciation of the U.S. dollar adopted by the U.S. government
    indicates that its solvency is on the brink of collapse"

  3. At least one thing is for sure :

    the Chinese are much more objective than fraudster Rating agencie like Moody´s and S&P !!!!! :mad:

    And another good advice : sell all your US bond holdings as long as you get any "real" money for it !
  4. damn looks like these guys were way ahead of the curve. Better trust Dagong than Moodys or S&P