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    So in China pornography is illegal in commerce and censored on the internet. But nasty stuff much more disgusting than porn is tolerated without hardly any Chinese complaining about it. I'd rather have these girls doing hard core porn than what they are doing now.

    Link (don't click on it if you're easily offended) is here:

    Perhaps some negative publicity will teach these communist bastards a lesson

    What do you guys think about this?
  2. COMMIES KILL BUNNIES. You could get a t shirt made, march on
    the capitol, convince Sarah Palin to make it a plank in her platform and maybe even start your own political party ...with balloons.
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    I've got no problems with killing bunnies. In fact, I've done so myself in my youth. But there are more humane ways to do it. Even the Jews, who sacrifice in a barbaric manner, don't do as much needless harm as these women.

    If Sarah Palin was in the White House, do you really think the Chinese scum would be getting away with this?

    We need more women like her in this country, and ship Michele Obama her husband and ilk back to Africa. They are destroying this country.
  4. The thing with the Jews is that the women they're sacrificing in those volcanoes are always the virgins. If I were judging who
    went it'd have to be the virgins since by definition they're not putting out. We can't have women around who don't put out.
    How are they supposed to perpetuate the schlecksteins lineage afterall? ( ...admitted plagarism -- guilty)

    I can see Palin saying "kill another bunny and you're barbeque".
    Then of course the Chinese would be scrambling like you always see them do in the movies ...they're fast that way.

  5. Asians, certainly chinese, eat everything dude. Get over it. Korean dog preparation? Ever looked that up?
    Very littler kosher or halal about it, and fuck christians, you should be eating fish and a biblical diet anyway, or shut the fuck up.
    Asian culture predates all these weird cults, Sarah palin is a know nothing imbecile, go for gold dude, destroying your own country "coz you don't know shit bout culture, an' all.

    Where exactly are you from, I may be able to tell you about some of your traditional foods.........