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  1. maxinger


    There have been quite alot of yuan movement lately.
    Offshore CNH could be traded through SGX, HKFE, CME.
    Well. With all the trade war news, there should be some trading opportunity trading CNH.
  2. maxinger



    CNH from SGX exchange
  3. maxinger


    CNH from HKFE exchange
  4. traider


    Are you trading intraday?
    Check out IB spot USD CNH if you don't hold overnight. I remember it is liquid. Only problem is the swap rate but this is ok if you don't hold.
    Many banks competing to make the market for you.
  5. maxinger


    Yes. I trade intraday futures.

    I checked IB.
    It has CNH in yen and hkd only.

    Cme has cnhusd but volume virtually zero
  6. traider


    Hey Max,

    I just checked my TWS, there is still spot USD.CNH
  7. maxinger


    you are right.

    sigh ... I stopped trading spot forex years ago.
    Now brain very very rusty.

    surprisingly the spread for spot (5 pips) is much better than futures ( > 10 pips).
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  8. maxinger


    hmm. USDCNH went up since yesterday US session.
    wonder who went to long it.
  9. Blehs


    PBOC has been trying to talk up the currency saying shit like "7 is the highest USD/CNH should be" and taking some subtle action with banks. Basically it looks like a case of the market pushing
  10. maxinger


    day chart - seems to be forming up channel.

    however USDCNH volume from SG and HKFE rather low, average around 10k contracts / day.
    chart still spiky jerky long porpupine spikes long candles gaps dot dot .....
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