China will lie to U.S. ally on a matter of war

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    I am not saying North K. isn't a shithole of a country and that there is no way they did it.

    Even so

    no one is considering that this might be another false flag event by US. Plant pieces of torpedo with North K marking to get new sanction measures in place

    Consider the 9/11 history of US and Mumbai Bombing in India. Where Indians are seeking the CIA agent that worked with terrorists in India.

    Can we really discount it without considering.
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    If you hate your country why don't you find another?
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    I love my country. My country has been hijacked by few men of power and evil. Morally bankrupt individuals.

    The fact that I am speaking out means I love my country more than you.
  4. Getting more sanctions in place (what's left to sanction anyway ?) just means waiting long enough for the DPRK to do something provocative, like launch a Taepo Dong at Japan (this is what North Korea calls "exporting" :) ).

    BTW, why don't you visit the official North Korean Friendship webpage ?

    It's the "Official joint government and KFA site seeking to build international ties in the fields of culture, friendship, diplomacy and business between ..."

    You should do it before they declare war on the ROK and US.
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    Since when is China a US ally?
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    That faction became Taiwan, which is still a US ally.
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    Asia's is all the same. Show a little bit of money and they're your ally. Show up with a empty wallet and they'll treat you like a serial murderer. :p
  9. No it really just means you have somewhat minimal understanding of how the world works, and the drivers behind what has been labeled as "terrorism."

    While I am glad to see you love the US, it discourages me that you make such broad proclamations before making sure you are fully, in every aspect, educated in what drove 9/11.

    I recommend reading "America's Secret War" by George Friedman. You can find it on Amazon cheap, and it's a concise, easy read. Very informative.
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