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  1. Today, I have the following that I was trackin and maybe tradin:

    CPSL- No explanation needed.

    BJGP- This wasnt so hot today, but I noticed double the volume w/a dollar pop. Best to track next week to see if it wants to pop. Low float. 6.60 right now. I'll trade it when there is more volume.

    CAAS- China Automotive- Good volume. Maybe will give a little pop next week.

    The flops for today are

    FFHL- Ill monitor this one next week to see if this is just a temporary pullback like EFUT.
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    traded CPSL today, glad I got out at 13+ now back down under 11.

    CAAS did run a while ago,

    FFHL has had quite a run from 10 to 16++.
  3. PACT
  4. Shanghai Index is off the chart, insane 4 % today alone ! These chinese stocks can implode any moment.
  5. Here is one you may want to watch.


    I started trading it two years ago when it was around $15. It is now at $43.
  6. bttweb


    2 stocks :

    CHINA - easiest to remember

    BIDU - chinas next yahoo
  7. Neet


    Many traders are monitoring FFHL, many, so many actually that the slightest momo will make it run.

    Even if it moves 1mm BOOM everyone will jump because it's a closely watched IPO.

    New 52 Highs on IPOs (aside their opening day) are usually quite aggressive because they got no history. The sky is the limit.
  8. Hello peeps! There are several China stocks worth noting as we head into a new year. Here are the TOP FIVE SI CHINA PLAYS- the first is relatively unknown wireless parts player Telestone TSTC- @ $8.20 The second is Chinese National Offshore CEO which blasted off from $88 wed and looks like a $120.00 in quick time. The Third is Aluminum Corp of China ACH now at $23 after a gap up b/o @$20. The Fourth, AOB is on a tear providing homeopathic remedies into a willing culture and finally, the 5th- medical supply name Chindex (another one people don't know about) CHDX. in the $18 range. ~ stoney
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    yahoo is not doing well now. are yoi predicting the same for bidu.
  10. Neet


    BIDU - China's GOOG :)
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