China wants a new non "credit based" reserve currency

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  1. LOL. I better finish that fence and buy more ammo.
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  2. And who controls your brain? (You - IDIOT)
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  3. I laughed because everyone thinks China has some massive amount of currency influence. China's economic muscle comes from the number of bodies they have that can buy things and make things. The problem is that if China's currency is worth little compared to, for example, the USD, then they have no purchasing power, so there goes half of China's economic muscle. If it takes 3 million people worth of yearly incomes in China to buy a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese, well, not so big-and-bad anymore are they?

    The other half - producing goods - well we did fine before wal-mart wasn't selling bath towels for $1, and there goes the other half of China's economic muscle. People need to get off of China's jock and do some reasoning for themselves.
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  4. They are also all white - so why not make the assertion that it's the white's that are controlling everything and make that argument?
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  5. ZOG is few shades too white for his own comfort.
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  6. Paranoia will destroy ya. Seek help, and watch out for all the white people hahahahaha.
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    Don't we already have a non credit based reserve currency in gold? Why do they have to make things so difficult?
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    Of course it is not a coincidence !
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  9. Is it a coincidence that Jews have significantly higher SAT scores than Christians (yes these things are tallied)? I can post the WSJ article that shows it.

    Is it a coincidence that a large percentage of doctors are Jewish (MUCH higher percentage then in the general population)?

    It has all to do with the priorities placed in the home on education and achievement, and absolutely nothing to do with a conspiracy.

    Get your head out of your ass. Too bad your parents didn't place an emphasis on education and achievement in your home.

    And no, I'm not Jewish (about as Anglo-Saxon as they come), but I respect everyone of whatever race/religion who works hard to achieve something in his/her life.
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