China wants a new non "credit based" reserve currency

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  1. It has nothing to do with religion. More about political will and power.
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  2. MaxSpain


    Hello Z.O.G. how are you? I am one of these evil Jews you are complaining about and I can tell you, it's a complot, a set up. We are going to take over, like it or not. As you said somewhere else on this website, we are about 2% of USA, makes about 6 million people (scarry huh) and we have 2 in IMF, wow.
    Well I guess it must have been that while my grand father was working day and night to provide for his family (family and friends are important to us) and save a little on the side for later, it provided the bank with the possibility to lend out this money to your grand father so he could buy a t.v. set to sit in front all day.
    I work some 14 hours per day and make nice money. Hate me for it. I don't work at the FED and I am sad to say, I can't print my own money.
    You on the other hand want something for nothing and when you don't get it, just blame it on us ...
    That's OK, we like that, we are used to that and it makes us work even harder and, more important it really makes me laugh. Thanks !
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  5. Link stopped working for some reason.Just click on 'speeches' on the left and it's the second one down (currently) 23/3/09

    Reform the International Monetary System

    Zhou Xiaochuan
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  6. Is your hard working name in this article.
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  7. That article was written in 2002, fast forward to March 2009, look at all the fancy financial engineering that’s going on, CDOs, SIVs,CDS. All financial gimmicks that allowed a few to rape the masses.
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  8. jordanf


    Easy. These numbers are completely made up, I don't know what they are, but this illustrates the concept.

    In a given year, the government collects 200 billion in Social Security Tax. It pays out 100 billion in benefits. It has 100 billion surplus left over.

    So what it does is take that 100 billion, spend it on building an escalator to the moon or whatever, and leaves 100 billion worth of treasuries in it's place.

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    China to Keep Buying Treasuries, Top Official Says

    March 23 (Bloomberg) -- China’s top foreign-exchange official said the nation will keep buying Treasuries and endorsed the dollar’s global role, supporting the U.S. as the Obama administration increases spending to revive growth.

    Treasuries form “an important element of China’s investment strategy for its foreign-currency reserves,” Hu Xiaolian, director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, said at a briefing in Beijing today. “We will continue this practice.”

    :p :p
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  10. MaxSpain


    Like I said to H.O.G., it's all part of a big plan to screw you and the rest of the sheeple. The NWO will enslave you and you can't do anything about it ... nah, nah, nah, nah.
    We will first crash your house prices (ah we past that part already, time flies when you're having fun). We'll crash stock exchange (it has just begun), steal your silver and gold (or in your case gold-plated things, we're not picky), have your wife and children raped (you are not thinking that we do that ourselves now would you. We use pigs for that). Besides we are all fagots anyway. Than we'll put you in digital chains (chips that we put in your willy/Roman candle, the only way to get rid of it is to chop it of). By that time the whole world will be one big company (like Enron but bigger) it will be the only stock you can trade. It will be manipulated as hell, of course, taking your money even faster then you lose it now. But by that time this chip in your willy (we test the thing as we ‘speak’ at disco's) will give you pos. vibes and makes you want to trade more NWO stock.
    Than we HAARP some earthquakes just to shake you a little, keep you alert. We stop using oil (we could have done that years ago, since thanks to Tesla we know how to have free energy, but than we wouldn't have this nice problems/wars in the middle east - we have to keep them busy, don't we). At this point we will have a new world currency, called the Shalom (no Amero that was just a diversion, and this Shlomi (as we Jews like to call it) will replace all coins.
    Before accusing us of more things, I say they are all true. 9-11 was an inside job. That was a hard one to plan. But as you know by now, even if all the evidence pointed at the government (the one WE control), nothing happened. Sheeple are blind. I can tell you all this on a public website, and nothing … Enough video’s on youtube where you can see the Thermite and sulphur burn it’s way through the steel pillars … and nothing. It adds to all the confusion, we love that.
    Well I could go on and on about the subject, but duty calls (diamond cutting, put curlers in my hair, collect rent, well you know, the usual crap).

    Mazal Tov !
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