China Vs Us

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  3. Time to send them their $800 billion in cash (brand new printed bills!) in one of those container ships when they go back and THEN close off ports to Chinese crap. OR 50% tariffs to make up for their undervalued currency.
    You'd have full employment in US right away!

    The longer US tolerates this trade deficit crap from China, the more it's backing itself into a corner with no way out.

    Play 'nice' with the Chinese you'll only end up a loser.

    'Human rights' & internet censorship? Like they really give a shit!!

    Does google have Obama in their back pocket too?!
  4. Start being a "good" citizen yourself, boycotting anything made in China. See how long you can last.:D
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    Exactly....Got to have that WMT fix....
  6. everything will cost triple
  7. That's the problem. People only look at the price at checkout, yet the cost of imported shit from China is MUCH higher.

    *Loss of US jobs
    *Bigger trade deficit
    *Bigger debts to pay
    *Huge tax revenues lost
    *Commodities prices out of control
    *Dollar becomes worthless
    *You're helping China be a threat to US down the road.

    Let's see now, what's the final cost at checkout?

  8. You are asking people to think.

    Folks to busy watching reality TV and "news" about what Palin did on the weekend on MSNBC or the perpetual Obama is a terrorist from fox.

    There is no real news anymore.
  9. And the sad shit is ALL this China shit could have been a non-issue if Americans had the foresight and willingness to have a 20% consumption (VAT) tax several years back.

    Oh no, they NEED that Walmart 'convenience' around the block.
  10. If you want cred on ET, you need to quit LYING. I watch Fox all the time and have NEVER heard anyone describe Obama as a "terrorist".

    Supporting terrorist Muslims, weakening and degrading the USA in the eyes of all around the world, a pathological narcissist, Leftist Radical, Marxist, Socialist, Communist-like, lying, self-serving, weak, whiny, apologetic pussy-ass cocksucker*...yes. All of those things.

    But NEVER himself, a terrorist.

    *OK, I admit... Fox never said that.. just my view... but don't infer I'm a supporter of the RepubliClowns or Bush... I hate them bastards too.. :mad:
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