China: U.S. arms sales to Taiwan hurt national security

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  1. U.S. arms sales to Taiwan hurt China's national security, its foreign minister said, escalating the rhetoric in a dispute threatening to deepen rifts between the world's biggest and third-biggest economies.

    Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi was the latest and most senior official to denounce the arms sale plan Washington announced on Friday.

    The Obama administration has defended the package worth about $6.4 billion as necessary to boost regional security.

    Yang, traveling in Cyprus, said China and the United States had held many discussions about the arms sales, but Washington had ignored Beijing's demand they be stopped, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday.

    The United States should "truly respect China's core interests and major concerns, and immediately rescind the mistaken decision ... in order to avoid damaging broader China-U.S. relations," Yang said.

    He said the U.S. move had "damaged China's national security and great task of reunification (with Taiwan)."

    China should sell the dollar on monday as a warning to Washington.:)
  2. I thaught that the plan of expanding the exports of the Us was more related to peacefull stuffs, like freedom of speech, entertainment and sport's gears... enrobbed in a new fair Intellectual proprety agreement... I was dreaming...

    I see too that only one Us company tried publicly to stand for one of his core principle, freedom of speech... but all the others industries followed blindly the dollars. Now even Boeing must be asking if they will still sell planes ( which one the peacefull or not ? ) ...

    Anyway, now I am really curious to read the reaction of the "planners"... the guys that thaught they were masters of the time... How all the different agendas are shaken by hardcore realities. Why all mens have firstly to burn themselfves on the fire before stopping of wanting to touch it ?
  3. From this link

    "David Finkelstein, a former U.S. Army officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency who now runs the China program at the Center for Naval Analyses, said the new tone underscores a shift in China. "On the external front," he said, "we will likely see a China that is more willing than in the past to proactively shape the external environment and international order rather than passively react to it." "

    My question to this gentleman is quite simple... What happen when a big number of entities want to shape proactively and differently the same environment ?
  4. this is all bullshit, i dont understand why taiwen and us continue to put themselves through this. Do they really think a few blackhawk chopper and missiles is going to stop china from blowing taiwan to kingdom kong within a day if a real war breaks out between the two?

    china doesnt want taiwan back despite what it says, it just wants taiwan to shut the fuck up and stop embarrassing china. but no they had to buy some blackhawk choppers to "defend" the country against china.

    wtf, if taiwan have this delusional idiot as the defense minister, then they are really fucked.
  5. yep, I clearly don't know anything about the past history of the area. However I know that HK isn't anymore part of the UK and it's going well I think...

    So Hong Kong can stay free without weapons while at the same time Taiwan is arming itself... strange at least. :confused:
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    All these lunatics with high tech weapons... perhaps world war 3 would last a month or so. At most half a year it should be over.
  7. this kind of comments were really common before WW1...
  8. but this time it's different!
  9. perfect ! A+ for you :D