China: Twice the military budget of Russia

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Daal, May 7, 2007.

  1. Daal


    Just saw an article on the economist showing that they spend $100b a year on military compared to $50b of russia and $500b of US. Thats three times germany budget and two times of the UK. You better pray they dont take over taiwan because that would create some nasty foreign frictions pretty fast
  2. They make good missiles and subs. Pretty much crap otherwise. For now.

    I worry about Russia more. Russia has always had imperialist tendencies, China has not. Russia is awash in cash now. Russia has great planes. They also felt humiliated from 1991 onward. They want center stage again.

    No, I don't think they will invade anyone anytime soon, but they will upgrade, and flex their muscles whenever possible. Image is really important to them.

    As long as Taiwan doesn't do anything to blatantly stupid, China will keep the status quo.
  3. china has alot more ppl than russia, germany and the UK. you should look at the per capita spending. plus china has alot of land mass to cover.

    on the other hand, if you look at israel's per capita spending......
  4. China not awash in cash?

    "With $1.2 trillion in reserves, most of it in dollar-backed assets, China plans to launch the world's largest investment fund. It
    could play havoc with the U.S. economy."


    Let's face it - the global elite bankers have milked us dry for 300 years, now it's time to discard US, Canada, France and UK.
    We are experencing a severe crackdown on rights, likely for when the collapse comes.

    Tell me, how can the US every pay off its debt? It can't. That's no accident.

    Much like a penny stock shell company, we have been milked dry by a few elite rich.
  5. jem


    we are paying it off right now - its called dollar devaluation.

    It was the market is supposed to do China was screwing with the markets this is how the markets return to balance.
  6. Cesko


    Jayford, I wouldn't worry much about Russia. They have huge internal problems, losing around 700,000 people each year is one of them, too many character flaws as a nation. Abundance of natural resources is actually not a good thing for a nation (in a larger scheme of things.)
    They will always pretend to be more then they actually are.
    Russians are not stupid but severely character challenged.
  7. Losing that 700k people per year is really interesting cause its not from what most people would expect, emigration. Its from a 54 yr old life expectancy!

    Alcoholism run amuck, diseases that have been eradicated elsewhere (huge TB prob), mushrooming HIV, and an assassination rate 20 times that of western Europe!

    Got a new competitor in biz? Just have him knocked off, no problem.