China Turns a Corner as Spending Takes Hold

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    Regardles what is the "real" impact of the stimulus package to the market - but I think those bull will take this BS news as another excuse to move the market up for another 200 points in Monday !

    Why we have so many those so called "bull buyers" this day, and they ignore all the bad news and will buy and push the market up from any "good" news (even most of them are BS ) ??

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    International commerce is picking up, has been doing so since January, it's still at record lows however. Pretty soon it will be in the range of more normal lows like in 2005, maybe by July. It will be years before it gets to July 08 levels for sure... that was the financial income bubble, forty percent of all income in the US was from the financial sector!! There was so much money flowing from derivatives to lenders to the general economy it was ludicrous..

    The thing to be able to do, the secret to economic life, the way to kill it every decade.. is to ride the bubbles... stocks in the nineties, real estate sales commish and investment in the recent years, commissions from subprime loans were amazing... did I do any of that?? Hell no, I sat on some boring job and paid credit cards.. I quit that shit and am not looking back... where's the next bubble? I want on the roller coaster at the bottom and I want to ride it to the top yelling yippie cayaaaa all the way up and when I'm up there I'll yell, hey world, look at me !!
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    Without leverage the financial sector is worthless.