China truly is embracing capitalism!

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  1. Villagers along Highway 110 took advantage of the jam, selling drivers packets of instant noodles from roadside stands and, when traffic was at a standstill, moving between trucks and cars to hawk their wares.

    Truck drivers, when they weren't complaining about the vendors overcharging for the food, kept busy playing card games. Their trucks, for the most part, are basic, blue-colored vehicles with no features added to help pamper drivers through long hauls.

    A traffic jam that could last well into september and the villiagers are selling noodles to hungry drivers at high prices!

    Hey, all you OBAMA FANS...pull your head outa your ass and understand that the SMALL BUSINESS MAN will create jobs and take advantage of opportunity. You have idiots on your ECON TEAM and those FOOLS on WALLSTREET!
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    Well, you can't blame Obummer's economic team. They never held a real job in the real world and only know theoretical economics. So, how would they know how the world really works?
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    Does this mean the white devils can finally trade the Chinese futures markets?
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    I hope the FBI investigates you and your business practices. You think as a capitalist you should commit fraud? I bet you want into compaines interested in sustainable procedures and marketing. Sustainabliity is about low term growth, caring about the planet, caring about human beings. You are right you do not have a conscience and smart investors should stay away from you. You and your ilk have caused the largest crash in American history and hurt many Americans and America. I have personal experience with you by the way…I think you are a crook.
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    I have no idea who you are, and your command of the language is lousy, but are you leasing Apama for $18K a month?
  6. That shit will kill you. The noodles, that is.
  7. So what is capitalist about america? I see monopolies, government sponsored industries and what most people confuse for capitalism is the corporations that divide and extort from markets because they have nothing to contribute -apple is a prime example of mass marketing paying off big time in extorting money from stupid americans.

    As for China -how could they possibly do worse than the current lowlifes that call themselves politicians in America? No government in the world seems more dedicated to pumping fuel into a train that long since left the tracks than team Obama -yes we can turn a recession into a depression. Yes we can.

    The Chinese should probably be an example to us these days.
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    Um, no. The act of being a capitalist implies taking a chance with your resources in order to try to better your situation. There is no reason for anyone to do that on a permanent basis unless they have the expectation that such a program will be allowed to flourish. People who take risks will do so only if they can logically expect rewards. Therefore, any kind of lasting capitalist system depends on the rule of law, meaning that the government or other entities cannot shut you down anytime they feel like it, gun you down in the streets for speaking out, prevent you from looking at information on the Internet, tell you how to behave or what to believe or how to exercise, throw you in prison for your beliefs or writings, forbid you from engaging in forms of entertainment that the powers that be do not consider wholesome, etc.

    China has a hell of a long way to go.
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    Oh, like the U.S. government doesn't have virtually complete control over every aspect of your life???

    In the USA, they will shut you down anytime they feel like it, if you don't comply with all their "necessary" regulations. They will gun you down in the streets if you don't meet their "standards" and/or if enough speak out. They will prevent you from looking at internet content if it doesn't meet their "standards". If you don't believe me just ask the WikiLeaks founder and rapist (LOL---yeah right), Julian Assange. (Nice try CIA.) The government doesn't tell you how to behave or what to believe? Give me a break. Throw you in jail for your beliefs or writings? (See above concerning WikiLeaks and think about how these thugs really operate.)

    Hey, I'll trade our leaders for China's, but I don't think the people in China would take the trade.
  10. drcha -the law in America is owned by the people who can afford the best lawyer. If you think otherwise then you have very rich parents or have never been involved in a legal skirmish.
    Point 2.The last pretense of the capitalist system in America that once might have rewarded risk and entrepreneurship has been completely destroyed by the bank bail out, and has been undermined for many years by the public sector and scumbag politicians.
    The cold war is over and I don't know whether your ignorance about the Chinese is based on following CNN or FOX but you sure as hell haven't been there or have any experience of the comparative culture to think that they are still the enemy.
    Capitalism is thriving in China, and for their faults, I think there is a brutal honesty about the way their government acts at times.
    What do we have? Terrorist fundraisers like the Kenedey's dressing themselves up as the good guys?
    Eat McDonalds, drive a ford, buy an Apple computer - do what they tell you but whatever you do -don't think for yourself.
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