China Trade War =Pullback Trigger?

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  1. kinda looks like it tonight.
  2. Nice timing! Do you guys suppose the government timed this? I'm glad I sold 35% of my longs last week. :)
  3. The fed is winding down many major facilities in the next couple months. So, you should expect a lot of volatility going into October from now.
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    LOL buy this dip.

    They are idiots but not complete idiots, both the Chinese and the US know that neither can afford a trade war right now. Unless they are out iof options in which case they might try and game one so that they will have something to blame when we get the next roar of the bear but these cocky bastards are too arrogant to give in just yet.

    All programs that do anything will be extended and more will be added (just look at the new programs coming online to facilitate short sales, they are still very much in free money for the banks mode).
  5. I bet we get a rush of secondaries soon.

    You'd have to be nuts not to issue paper after that run up.
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    We have already had a bunch of them, some stocks have already had two since the March low and they have been issuing new bonds at a very fast pace this last quarter.

    Total debt issuance for the remainder of the year is slated to be very high relative to YTD. That could be a problem for the rally (after all it was new issuance of debt and stock that killed the dot come rally, supply overwhelmed demand).
  7. well the dems owe the teamsters and unions some stuff right. they want healthcare, and its easy to pick on china. The republicans who matter wont dare jump on this because it would infuriate their poor people wing of the party.

  8. Since little fundamentals were behind this world record 60% rally any substantial move down will set all running for the doors. that said we're a long way from any type of breakdown.
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    You make a valid point. One possibility is that they know they can't hold the markets up in to the mid term election and so if they take it down now they may be in time for another stimulus which will then bring the market back just in time for mid terms. These guys are nothing if not political strategists.
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    If this market can't hold the 1000 level a second time it could spell trouble though I doubt we trade back down there again. Long above 1000, short below.
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