China to USA: you ate too many hamburgers.

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  1. lol, it definitely shows, stroll around any American mall and you get a taste of the kind of food your AVERAGE kind is consuming ;-)

    ...makes me think in what stage of the burning Rome we are in the U.S. Consumption to oblivion without even the ability to pay for it.

    Maybe you want to work with averages rather than picking some odd outliers.

    + the average salary in China is higher than 28 cents/hr
    + the average Chinese is not exposed to any poisonous fumes or foods
    + the average Chinese does not engage in nor consume prostitution
    + the average Chinese has never engaged in nor even heard of organ "donor" programs.
    + the average Chinese has not engaged in the forced abortion of babies

    Rethink your pathetic drivel because it only shows how little you know beyond your couple yards of apartment space somewhere in rural America.

    Opinions != facts and I accept that, I am not fond of Chinese culture myself but lets not confuse the two.

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    Actually, I know several wealthy Chinese families that love Mcdonald's. They eat the shit out of it. Every where you go a new one is popping up, and they're full. They're also comparatively very expensive restaurants, and they still do very well. Chinese boys take their first dates to Mcdonald's, and they pull out all the stops. Super sized meals, extra cokes, pies, but they make sure to eat only half of it so they look rich.

    It's all about face in China, and the driving force for the labor class is that they're about to take over the world. Other wise the men and women who slave away all day in a pollution filled cesspool, and then go home to sleep on a dirty floor next to their pig, would get pissed and upset with their life. Instead, they're led to believe they're doing amazing things, and soon they will take over America.

    It's a delusion that keeps them going.
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    Wow, made me forget what I was going to post. That is harsh.
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    I just spit ice water all over my keyboard. Had to turn it over, and shake it. That statement caught me by surprise, and I rolled laughing. Good one bro! LOL!!!!!:D :D :D
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