China to USA: you ate too many hamburgers.

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  1. can any moron just pay and become an ET sponsor? stick to what you know - peddling those consulting scams instead of spewing drivel on a country you know nothing of.
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    Apparently any moron can post.
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  3. in china you just do it and get it done, no bullshit. People living in the area? Pay double the price and move everyone out in a week. Local government agency dragging their feet? the guy no longer works there tomorrow. If beijin says done, it gets done.

    In the us, you got to get 100 levels of approval, do environmental study, traffic study, agree with the labor union, make sure states are agreeing with the plan, hold meetings with the local residents make sure they ok with the number of trees installed... get the govt agencies owning the land to agree, THEN comes submitting proposals, cost analysis. By the time this is all done and tens of millions wasted, the project didnt even break ground yet.

    that's the difference.
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    You should get out more.
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  5. Who loaned US the money to buy the hamburgers and may not see anything in return for that loan?
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  6. This article is similar to the article in the this year's Time mag with Edison on the cover and another article by Andy Grove. It's amazing the conservatives refuse to understand reality.
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  7. even the ones with multicolored toilet paper ads streaming out the ass. :)
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  9. Too funny! LMAO. Seriously bone, you can tone it down a notch :D
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    I work with Chinese every day and my impression is not all that good.
    Overall they are unruly, arrogant, smelly (yes unclean), spitting, bad toothed, white (European) hating bunch. Give me the Japanese culture, their cleanliness and orderliness any-day.
    I know that the Chinese work hard and they are well educated, disciplined (well some of them) but I'm still fond of the Japanese culture over the Chinese. I fully accept the Chinese resentment of Japan over the atrocities and crimes committed in war...
    The Chinese for some reason cannot accept to wait in line, they are ultra cheap as well. They came to the USA and they akin to some other minorities refuse to assimilate, learn the language or accept the host country's culture.
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