China to USA: We do not want to be leader of the world, it costs too much $$$.

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  1. Deputy Foreign Minister Cui, a seasoned America-watcher, said the U.S. shouldn't fear the rise of China.

    "I think the U.S. has to be confident that China will never challenge its position in the world," he told me. "We will never do that because leadership in the world would be very costly. We cannot afford it. If you want to waste your money on that, you do it. We're not going to do it."

    "If you want to waste your money on that, you do it"

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    I call bullshit. If China could be the economic and military super power the US currently is it wouldn't hesitate to capture that title, regardless of the cost. The thing that is preventing China from unseating the US is the same thing that prevent the USSR from doing it -- rampant, pure socialism. In a pure socialist, military state there is no incentive do to much of anything to better yourself becaus the government will take it away from you. Hmmm....come to think of it. China may just accomplish this without even trying. The US Government is trying pretty damn hard to get their hands on as many tax dollars as possible.

    You'll soon have to be 68 or 69 to collect social security and mortgage interest may not be deductible on your taxes soon. That will put a lot of people onto the 1040EZ instead of the long form. It will also remove one of the incentives to buy a house. Houses are money pits. It's better to rent and avoid all the maintenance costs of owning a house, seeing as you may not be able to deduct mortgage interest soon. Yep, we'll soon be living in the USSA.

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    You still got a lot to learn about China, they have enough problem dealing with 1.4 bil people. Imagine dealing with 5-6 billion more. Why deal with more responsibilities?
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    Tsing Tao

    anyone ever watch the sci-fi show Serenity?

    takes place in a future where language is half English, and half Chinese because of the rise of China.
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    Canada has a very viable housing market without the mortgage interest deduction.
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  7. Morena Baccarin.. FOX!