China 'to overtake US on science' in two years

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  1. yea. lets keep telling our kids that science is evil and cant be trusted because it shows there is no god:

    China is on course to overtake the US in scientific output possibly as soon as 2013 - far earlier than expected.

    That is the conclusion of a major new study by the Royal Society, the UK's national science academy.

    The country that invented the compass, gunpowder, paper and printing is set for a globally important comeback.

    An analysis of published research - one of the key measures of scientific effort - reveals an "especially striking" rise by Chinese science.

    The study, Knowledge, Networks and Nations, charts the challenge to the traditional dominance of the United States, Europe and Japan.

    The figures are based on the papers published in recognised international journals listed by the Scopus service of the publishers Elsevier.

    In 1996, the first year of the analysis, the US published 292,513 papers - more than 10 times China's 25,474.

    By 2008, the US total had increased very slightly to 316,317 while China's had surged more than seven-fold to 184,080.

    Previous estimates for the rate of expansion of Chinese science had suggested that China might overtake the US sometime after 2020.

    But this study shows that China, after displacing the UK as the world's second leading producer of research, could go on to overtake America in as little as two years' time.

    "Projections vary, but a simple linear interpretation of Elsevier's publishing data suggests that this could take place as early as 2013," it says.
  2. 1) ?.....interpolation? :confused:
    2) If China only "reverse engineers" what other countries produce, are they really making "progress" or just "catching up" to the rest of the world? :cool:
  3. China isn't poised to "overtake US on science" in two years because of religion.

    China is poised to "overtake US on science" in two years because China is not replacing it's population with 3rd world foreigners, and the USA is.

  4. Reverse engineering products leads to innovation and with China's some what loose bio ethics policies you will see heaps of bio patents some time soon.
  5. 1) How can you use "reverse engineering" and "innovation" in the same sentence? :p
    2) At best, with that "mentality", China will ALWAYS be in the rear view mirror of the US, wouldn't it? :confused:
    3) If China wants a "loose" bio-ethics policy, wouldn't they start by allowing families to have more than 1 child and correct the coutry's gender imbalance? :eek:
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    How would you classify the new Chinese land based anti ship missile? Is it "reverse engineered" or "innovation"?

    No other country has one according to USA, and China's is a working system...not a "work in progress".
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    I was wondering that too.
  8. Reverse engineering superior or competing products aids in the discovery process in one's own product lines. China's social policies are in no way connected to their bio ethics, I am puzzled as to how you equate both as equal.
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    The article is based on published research production volume.

    At current rates, it is saying that the volume of research coming out of China will overtake that of the US in 2013.

    Due to numerical advantage alone i.e. population size, this should come as no surprise per se.

    Quantity does not necessarily imply quality though.

    Talk of reverse engineering is irrelevant.
  10. 1) Is it a Harpoon or Tomahawk in disguise? :confused: :D
    2) The US military may be merely attempting to scare people into believing that the Chinese have a "new" weapon and also wanting more defense spending to develop countermeasures against the alleged new weapon. :( :mad:
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