China to Europe: You are just too damn lazy.

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  1. Jin Liqun, chairman of the country’s vast sovereign wealth fund, China Investment Corporation, said people in the West needed to ‘work a bit harder’ if they wanted to escape the recession.

    In a tough message to EU leaders Mr Jin said Westerners were cossetted by the welfare state.

    He said the debt crisis crippling Europe could be solved in the long term only by slashing welfare payments and ending the restrictive labour laws which have made European workers increasingly uncompetitive on world markets.

    Mr Jin told Channel Four News: ‘The root cause of trouble is the overburdened welfare system, built up since the Second World War in Europe – the sloth- inducing, indolence-inducing labour laws.
  2. That's nothing short of brilliant. "Keep them poor, or they'll become lazy"
  3. What's amusing is that the sound bites from our Communist friend are basically the same as those percolating out of the GOP primary campaign.

    Not passing judgement, just making an observation.
  4. Sometimes I think I should become ambitious and work really hard just to prove to everybody that it doesn't work.

    I've tried trading once a day and I've tried trading 12 times a day and it really made no significant difference in my bottom line. If anything, I was doing better trading just once a day.
  5. Random Capital, exactly:D
  6. The old time capitalists certainly understood that:

    "The recipe for success is to rise early, work late, and strike oil."
  7. I can't imagine any lifetsyle that could have possibly been harder than the one the homesteaders endured. Can you imagine telling all of them about to lose their farms during the depression, "You should just work harder."
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    talking about 2 completely different culture and governance, in China if you actually divide the gov't's reserves by the number of people there's actually not much left, to make Europe the same would be to concentrate wealth in the hands of the 1% and go about bragging how wealthy the government is, anybody can do that
  9. very good point, apples and oranges, China may have a rich government, but how are the people doing? Maybe they are not so un communistic as they pretend to be.
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