China To Dominate In "Electric Vehicle" Manufacturing

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  1. who is going to buy an electric car when gas is less than $2/gal?

  2. Yeah, I bet people will be standing in lines to put their family in a car made in China. The only reason people buy junk made in China is because it's dirt cheap, not because of quality or innovation.
  3. That sort of thinking is a little near sited, don't you think? Maybe you can get a job at GM. You'll fit right in.
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    When Obama imposes a $3.00 tax on gas. It's coming.
  5. Innovation cannot be commanded down from the party apparatchiks... You can try to modernize the country but to be one step ahead you need to be a free society.

    China can try to "command" anything it wants but it ain't going to happen. People frequently forget that Chinese need to go not only through US automakers but Japanese, koreans, germans, italians, french. Toyota alone will crush any chinese automakers, but there is also honda, nissan, etc.
  6. It's exactly those kind of backward mindset shared equally by the overconfident us automakers and flag waving morons(ie 4444cjones4444) in this country that destroyed our industries.

    The same was said when japanese first came to the us, now japanese automakers completely dominates the market.

    The same dismissive voice was shared again when korean came to the us, now hyundai is another dominate force in the us.

    Meanwhile, the us automaker is close to bankruptcy, even with billions poured into it by OUR money. With noone willing to buy their cars (except cjones of course!).

    Also remember when the same was said about who on earth would buy a flat screen tv made in china when they first came on the market? now majority of them are manufactured in china, and everyone in the us is happily buying them.

    To be competitive, you first need to have the foresight to see further than what's directly ahead of your feet.

    China's electrical car industry is in full gears right now, with government pouring in investment and favorable policies unheard of in other countries. They are basically just writing a blank check to their auto industry to build electric cars.

    And buffet took notice.
  7. You do realize not all asians are the same? Eh? US automakers fell victim to overconfidence because they resided in post wwii US which was the only serious country not totally bombed out. Their job was to crank out as many cars to american consumers. Nobody builds cars now like gm&co built them in the 70s.

    This may sound silly but chinese are not japanese. China will have to go through thoroughly able japanese and koreans and it will simply not going to happen. In order to secure a beachhead in a country you need to offer something others don't. From the very beginning american automakers were wasteful and arrogant while japanese emphasized fuel economy because they resided in a country with virtually no natural resources.

    Kia provides us with el cheapo crap. Hyundai is a step above, toyota yaris is also for lower income buyers. What will china offer here? You need to build a dealer network and establish relationships and nobody is going to sit around and let it happen.
  8. electric cars...

    isnt that what we talking about here? sigh i swear some of you guys are just....nm

    edit: just happen to see this article right after i posted, take a look. It pretty much summarized the current situation.
  9. Why does Obama think that Detroit can be competetive making electric cars. It will be the same situation as now with cars.
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