China threatening Taiwan; economic suicide?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jbtrader23, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Today, there is a news item about China, once again, talking about the use of force if Taiwan gets too "independent".

    To me, I think the western press is already anit-China and these little tidbits only throw fuel on the anti China fire. In reality, it seems hard to believe the Chinese would engage Taiwan militarily in the near future. Who are they kidding:

    They have the fastest growing economy in the world.

    They have an unbelievable boom currently underway.

    They have WTO membership and the upcoming Olympic games.

    Why in the world would they jeopardize all this for a little island off the coast of China? Throwing away the last 20 years of social and economic progress for what?
  2. i agree with that rationality, lets hope the chinese act as rational, but furthermore....
  3. i dont liek these trade wars the bUSH aDMIN (AND THIS IS NOT BUSH BASHING, I LIKE him as a president, foreign policy and tax cuts but hes going wrong here)

    the slide in the markets today were attributed to, in part and by the press, the sldie in the dollar, casued by these new import sanctions; and also the drop in foreign investment; obviously the chineses are playing hardball and boycotted buying treasuries for time being to send a message...

    what i dont get is WHATS WRONG with trade that bush has to go and F*** it up? what, we buy cheap toasters and birthday candles form tehm and they buy jet aircraft from us, and even better tehy invest profits into out treasury markets... whats teh problem???

    so we are losing these toaster oven manufacuring jobs to china, boo-hoo, i would ratehr buy cheaper toasters and american manufacturers should prefer higher paying jet jobs vs. teh toasters...

    and save the self-righteous rhetoric about tell that to teh unemployed guy, blah blah. two words: BUSINESS CYCLE
    jobs will come back and if free trade reigns they will be better jobs..

    we are picking the wrong fight with china and trying to save toaster jobs, and i cant believe this is our policy
  4. W saving Toaster jobs is like trying to save horse and buggy manufacturing after the model T rolled off the assembly line. It's a bygone era.

    Here's a thought: Instead of useless protectionist policies, how about taking some of that $87 billion+ being spent in Iraq and spending it on new job training programs in states like Penn, North Carolina, etc.
  5. it's a power play. china asserting itself to bolster its image.

    we are helping china to emerge from the economic dark ages. china must rattle its saber anytime it is suggested that they treat their citizens like human beings, that their entrenched dynastic elite rulers put their pants on one leg at a time.

    not to worry. we've been through this before.