China thinking of economic war against the US.

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  1. Don't know dear Jem.

    I do agree w/yr posts but for now I'm just looking for a good investment

    What say you on their bubble?


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  2. jem


    Its very hard to make good investment decision because natural market forces are being disturbed by unnatural govt and central banker interventions.

    You have to play guess who cracks next and can't be saved by the central bank.

    As far as currency plays... all these countries are in a race for the bottom. How long before Japan says we can't export shit at this exchange rate and buys euros and dollars?

    It seems the smart play would be to analyze china and india and figure out what their consumers will afford next....
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  3. The OP would be better suited going to China and seeing for himself what a disaster the place is. Apart from a few, isolated urban locations, the rest of the country is barely making it, third world and incredibly backwards.

    An economic "war" of the type in the statement would hurt the US, no doubt. But the politboro would see the end, and they know it.
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  4. Yes, detroit and baltimore comes to mind
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  5. 377OHMS


    China is arming our enemies.

    Lets give Taiwan lots of nuclear weapons and a real Navy and Air Force. Let us make things difficult in China's back yard.

    Congress should slowly begin to squeeze China out of U.S. markets using tariffs and legislation against poisonous or otherwise contaminated products.

    Its time for a good old fashioned cold war! :D
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