China thinking of economic war against the US.

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  1. I can see World War III coming.
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  2. Well then, you must be a TOTAL FRICKIN' MORON! Any WWIII will involve nukes and NOBODY wins that exchange!
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  3. Somebody has rightly said that all the massive weapons that have been built will fire one day.

    All the nuclear weapons and other massive weapons should not have been built in the first place. Now that these weapons have been built, they will fire one day.
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  4. its intersting we havent had a major glbal war for some time, not that i want one...but it seems long overdue
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  5. I agree the world is overdue for World War. People have forgotten there is creation and destruction.
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  6. Very brilliant post... indeed enlightening

    So if one were looking to buy into the Chinese Yuan, before they're forced to revalue it due to the house market bubble and impending inflation, any recommendations?

    Presently I have a paltry sum of 42K Eur and looking to pick up another ForEx deal. No chance of cashing into USD or other major currency... am looking for a bargain.
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  7. Corporate doesn't have a country.
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  8. sorry, this is not the blog I wanted to post my comments... am rather new to this. dang, got my interest tho, this Pol Sci Major and all.

    i just wanna know what one thinks of investing in the Chinese Yuan??
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  9. jem


    Screw China holding our debt.

    Their game has kept the Fed, Wall Street and and Congressional shit heads in bed together for a decade.

    Let them dump our bonds... lose their principle and have their currency get properly valued.

    I do not want our government's debt being purchased by them or anyone.

    I want a fricken balanced budget.

    They need us far more than we need them at this point in time.
    Do I really need another flimsy ill fitting piece of shit shirt from wall mart?
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  10. Illum


    They are completely oppressed and haven't done anything of note in hundreds of years. They can't stand up to their own govt and I'm supposed to be worried? They are mules..
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