China, the next Vietnam ?

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    This past week saw the biggest drop of Shanghai Stock index for the past 13 years. Closing at 2868.80 , or down 13.84% this week, Shanghai stock index is 53.15% lower than its peak value on Oct. 19,2007. While the stock market hit most the relatively wealthy people of the country, the inflated food price/living cost have endangered the life of low-income people . Will China be the next vietnam ?

    (attached is the weekly chart of Shanghai Stock index from 2005)
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    extra note:

    In China, by default the rising candles are in red color and droping candles are in blue or green color, this is different with the habits of charting softwares in US, Europe, etc.
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    I hope so, it would be the buying opportunity of a lifetime
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    With the US consumer tapped out, it could be a while before China bounces back in my opinion.
  5. Could explain the Shanghai sell-off's of late :p
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    Anyone can post a chart of Vietname stock index ,or advise where can find one £¿ It will be interesting to make a comparison
  7. Not to hijack the thread, but anyone have any idea how to invest in vietnam besides MAPIX allowed to but its a multistrategy fund.

    Back to topic - SSEC under 3000 is looking yummy. Waiting for a nice sell off in CAF to get back in at a sweet discount.
  8. u don't want to invest there now. it was booming like mad, but over heated, and now going the other way. Wait awhile.
  9. I think red color for the rising candles is for the reasion that Chinese like red color too much , there national flag is in red color :)
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