CHINA TELLS AMERICA: Turn Around The USS George Washington Read more: http://www.bus

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Nov 26, 2010.

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  2. By stating that America will defend S Korea and sending war ships Obama is telling China get N Korea in check or we will
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    Why is big China and North Korea scared to death of just one carrier - i now there are nuclear subs also - but does is it carry enough fire power to dust both China & North Korea?
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    They see a young inept and weak president and want to see if they can buffalo him out of international waters with a few artillery rounds and some tough talk.
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    More likely they see a young, inept designated heir of a nuclear nation who might do something stupid to prove he actually has a pair. Having the GW there might provoke a stupid response.
  6. N Korea saw an inept and weak president (Bush) and they decided they could build their nuclear weapons under his presidency
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    Don't worry, nothing will happen.

    Yeah, carriers are incredibly vulnerable to certain chinese anti-ship missile technologies. But everyone knows, its not the carrier that is to be feared, its the half-dozen or so Los Angeles Class fast attack submarines that escort it that they should worry about. Not to mention pre-positioned boomers.

    The USA doesn't respect claims to international waters, ever.

  8. Those carriers (and the subs that escort them )carry A LOT of fire power.Just one could do some major damage to N Korea

    It would take more then one ship,but the US Navy could cut off most of the oil supplies to China and have them in deep shit real fast as well as blast the shit out of Beijing
  9. Don't worry kids, you won't have to pay back any of that debt we're into our benefactor China for. We'll start something with them then renig on the debt the way Germany reniged on the 400 billion in todays dollars from reparations in the Treaty of Versaille that resulted in WWII. Good strategy; hey we're desperate's like bancruptsy with a military manufacturing kicker. Or how about if we send Bono over there? If we're going to talk about being a third world country lets act like one.
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