China technology - a military threat to the the US

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  2. I knew they were aliens all along.
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    the message receiver has to observe the message too, would that not change it? And the universe is self-observing, so maybe the universe would have a say in things as well.. it could all turn into a big "he said-she said-the universe said" thingy..
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    The message receiver doesn't actually "observe" the message... it just "is" the message. Real proof of faster than light communication... amazing. I had no idea this stuff was moving so quickly.
  5. how does the energy requirement for this sort of communication scales with distance? is it feasible to eventually instantaneously communicate with Mars?

    i wonder if skype is overcharging me for international calls :confused:
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    like Quantum computing... err wait, did the words quantum computing go out of the msm a few years ago...
  7. yes.

    Quantum entanglement is not new. China finally caught up to the 1950s!
  8. Wow amazing how they were able to teleport a turkey 10 miles from one location to the next!

    USA is doomed.
  9. You have a lot to learn about communist governments. It is a controlled economy. Investing in China has the "China discount" - that you cannot be sure what you are getting when investing in/buying stock of many of their companies. In Cuba, you have to get permission to choose/change careers.
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    I believe the energy required would scale equivalently to the energy required for any other sort of laser-based communication. One of the resulting "entangled" photon needs to travel to the detector, and the detector needs to be able to see it. So... don't see why it wouldn't be viable.

    But note that the experiment in China required a complete vacuum ("free space") in which the entangled photon travels. I don't know how you form a free space channel to Mars (or through the atmosphere!).

    Can photons be "captured", and then physically moved, in some way?
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