China taking over Japan?

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  1. TOKYO—China's government-wealth investors last year more than doubled their investments in major Japanese blue-chip companies, with combined stakes totaling more than 1.6 trillion yen ($19.4 billion), according to investment-advisory firms and people familiar with the matter.

    The stakes—purchased mostly through obscurely named, Australian-registered investment vehicles—appear to be passive, with investors silent on matters of corporate strategy and management. But they highlight China's growing financial clout as well as the growing economic ties between China and Japan.
  2. Japan is a $ 5 trillion economy and by 2050, it will be like $ 6.4 trillion economy...Japan will add meager $ 1.4 trillion in next 40 years.

    Clear cut end of Japan over the next 40 years.

    Kudos to China...Beijing and Shanghai buildings looks like London these days !
  3. Japan is an afterthought. It's not worth discussing anymore.