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  1. New to the forums here. I have been monitoring and am about to pull trigger on CRTP with an entry @ 5.60.
    I believe with all the excitement about more and more electric vehicles, that this company will do very well. They are up now almost 200% in 2 months. Any thoughts on this?
  2. My thoughts on electrical vehicles is that they are.a joke. See how long their batteries last in the North American winters.

    I am interested in, however, nuclear powered vehicles. :)
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    Awesome pick...
    Awesome numbers...
    Awesome stock to trade...

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    Interesting stock with a nice uptrend and a lot of upside potential, but I'm curious why you would choose 5.60 as an entry price?

    They're supposed to report earnings on Monday.

  5. Guess you don't know that much about batteries, because if you did, you might know that the best way to store batteries at your home,is in the refrigerator. Nothing nuclear about that. lol
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    China (or related) stocks are really starting to remind me of how the internet and tech stocks of the late 90s came from nowhere and blasted off. I'm starting to see several 3 and 4 month doubles which was the way the top 90s stocks started before going parabolic. Keep an eye on them!


  7. I am still new enough that I guess I missed info about their earnings report being posted Monday. do you mind telling me where you found that info?

    Thanks in advance
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    I have an E*Trade account and when I search their symbol it says across the top when earnings are expected as well as the hi/med/lo estimates. It's not always accurate.

    This site lists expected earnings dates for most stocks, but some companies aren't listed and CRTP is one of them:

    I also found this site where you can type in a symbol and get the earnings date and other info:
  9. Ok tks very much for the links. .. as to your earlier question on why I picked $5.60 for an entry point?.. First, I had not known about the earnings report coming out on Monday.. my bad for sure there, but my original reasoning was because that was the last level of support for 3 out of the last 6 days of trading on this stock. I put in the order for pre-market, hoping to catch someone asleep at the switch... may I ask your opinion on an entry point? Where it closed? Based on earnings coming out?
  10. I have to admit those do look like very nice picks. I am particularly drawn to PWRD. Nice upward trend overall, but has enough daily action to make it a nice possible for daily swing trading. Just to test that, I have put in a short order for Monday Pre-market with an entry @ 38.3. Will let you know how that pans out. ;)
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