China Surpasses U.S. In Internet Use

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    Chinese Internet users spend nearly two billion hours online each week, while the U.S. audience logs on for 129 million hours per week.

    That's the bombshell Dr. Charles Zhang, chairman and CEO of (nasdaq: SOHU - news - people ), dropped last month after ringing the opening bell at the Nasdaq, a milestone for a Beijing-based company.

    Zhang reported that, according to his internal research, Chinese Internet users numbered over 150 million--and possibly up to 200 million--and, including all of their properties, was in the top five most trafficked sites in the world. Nielsen NetRatings, which doesn't have statistics for China, reports that the U.S. had 154 million active users in January 2006. This means that China, if Zhang is correct, is at or above the U.S. in the number of Internet users and that these users stay connected far longer each time.
  2. Does United States like to proclaim that we log in more TV time in total hours than any other country? Is Internet hours logged on really something one shourld be "proud" of?