CHINA stopped buying USA bonds, thus yeilds up!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Digs, Jun 13, 2007.

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    Thats all, the are not selling there current positions, the just stopped buying USA bonds. The are buying EURO bonds.

    They have gone to EUROPE as the EURO consumer will buy there goods. Why, because the debt ridden USA consumer is not buying as much as they used to.
  2. Source?

    Shouldn't the EUR be up then? Down on my screen. USD strong.
  3. Digs


    USD Yields Up Dollar up...

    EURO bonds demand, Bonds yield down..maybe
  4. No offense but you can't even spell "they" or use the correct "their" so without a source you don't seem very trustworthy.
  5. Digs


    Yip your are correct, shocking spelling. No more beers when on the net.
  6. dhpar


    million dollar question:

    if they really stopped buying USTs what are they going to do with excess USD from trade surplus?

    Sell it? Then it should not be bad bad for US equities - but what about Japan and all carry financing?!
    Or buy other assets? Which assets? Likely commodities or equities again - prepare for the ride.
  7. has anyone considered that since we have threatened them time and time again to let their currency reflect true market forces, that they are actually positioning themselves to iniate this?

    Why buy US treasuries when your gonna smack the $$ against your own currency.
  8. That's silly, it's more of a normalization of the curve. You'd be better off saying their selling UST's while using dollars to buy weapons from Russia

    Either way, the argument is BS..JMHO
  9. dhpar


    maybe they will switch 1:1 for duration of 2008 Olympics to screw tourists even more :p

    In other words I am not sure that strong Yuan is in their interest now - what do they gain in the short term?
  10. dhpar


    that's pretty weak argument (if it is argument at all). why is the curve normalizing then? if you traded rates for the past few years you would never say "it is just normalization of the curve".

    I am surprised how little interest this thread created given that in the next few months it is really all about this topic....
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