China Stocks On The Move....

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  1. Just a quick note that 6 of the top 11 percent gainers on the Nasdaq are Chinese plays! Interesting and dangerous. Wonder if this leads to a new leg up for them or if this is the pile in before the fall?????
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    doesn't predict end of bubbles.
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    I would say to take a look at CEA and the other China airlines. Airlines are generally losing games. Right now CEA are winners, but when they start their downtrend, it will be a good short.
  4. >Well I should preface this by saying I am bitter and and angry at myself for a sale I made of JRJC. It alone could of made this a wonderful qtr... a real mess up yes I made 60plus% who cares when it goes up 300% in 6 days which brings me to the uncomfortable elephant in the room-- something unnatural is starting to happen with the Chinese stocks some really weird ones are going crazy like this-
    Last Trade: 7.51
    Trade Time: 1:52PM ET
    Change: 2.59 (52.64%)
    Prev Close: 4.92
    Open: 4.95
    Bid: 7.50 x 400
    Ask: 7.67 x 100

    Day's Range: 4.95 - 7.98
    52wk Range: 2.93 - 6.24
    Volume: 782,639
    Avg Vol (3m): 16,262.5
    Market Cap: 94.93M
    P/E (ttm): 25.46
    EPS (ttm): 0.30
    Div & Yield: N/A (N/A)

    New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp., through its subsidiary, Henan Jinding Chemical Co., Ltd., engages in the manufacture and distribution of fertilizer and chemical products in the People's Republic of China. more
    Yes 50% in a day and there's more than a few 20plus % gainers out there too..
    look at the vol change average 16K zzzzzzzzz now over 700,000 it's sort of a chinese attack by either the individual investor or desperate hedge funds... it's as if everyone is suddenly deciding the only way to invest is Chinese. This is starting to make me uncomfortable but of course am I just embittered by my F* up sale and inability to hold on to a winner. par usual?? FMCN acted great today! Sold that one too a while back. The market can more than humble you it can make you hate yourself even when good things happen and that's psychologically dangerous I think. Can't even celebrate a good trade these days-- at least not if it's Chinese related. This is starting to feel like a crowded pool but lets just agree to swim carefully and no one bump into each other and maybe we can float around a bit longer....

    PS Did you notice the Chinese fertalizer company had a PE of 25 not bad!
  5. Growth=gains

    that simple
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    that simple

  7. China's stupid policy of not letting its currency float is creating a massive property and stock market bubble.
  8. Perfect. With inflation ramping-up over here, when it comes time for China to cash-out some of those USD reserves, guess how screwed they are going to be?

    To All:


    our debt will become cheaper and the chinese USD horde will lose value.
  9. There isn't a china bubble
  10. China is going to have a dramatic correction.
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