China stocks are toppy here

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  1. I hate to call a top on a bubble, but these China stocks that daytraders are all over are tremendously overbought and the fundamentals on most of these stocks are horrible. The best Chinese stocks aren't daytrader stocks and don't move much, its really the worst Chinese stocks that are running up the most.

    The Shanghai market could still have a ways to go higher, but the crap that people are buying here that trade on the US exchanges with the exception of BIDU and China Unicom and a few others are really the bottom of the barrel in China.

    There is going to be some massive selling over the next few days as the bubble gets aired out, right now its mindless buying.
  2. If in fact this is the top, I hope you realize that this call will not give you Everlasting Glory or Honor.
  3. There is a difference between China stocks that daytraders are all over and the bigger cap stocks that trade on the Hang Seng and the Shanghai exchanges. I am calling a top on the crap that has gone up 200-400% in a few days on pure China fever. Absolutely braindead buying, I am sure the adept daytraders are making money but there will be a load of bagholders when the dust settles.

    And this is nothing like the internet stock bubble, this is more like the homeland security bubble in crappy stocks that made surveillance cameras and stuff like mace spray cans.
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  5. The top will occur when everyone stops predicting tops.
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    which ones are u calling a top on?? id like to monitor them...chnr??? this things up 400% in a week
  7. detective has a point.

    crap stock do not affect index (i.e. HSI), so people outside of China may not even know if there is a 200% drop for most of the crap penny stocks in China.
  8. If you really hate it, why is every thread of yours about another bubble?

    There are tons of them that bubbled up because they were China stocks, not because the fundamentals changed. Most are garbage stocks.
  10. All you do is hound people on message boards. Why??? Get a life and learn to trade instead of criticizing others.
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