China stock market soars +9,3% today

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Michael88, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. +9.3% not bad... Real end of bear market in China or small rally that will be exhausted in two or three days ? :)
  2. Cutten


    If you think reducing the cost of buying by 0.2% has increased the intrinsic value of Chinese stocks by more than 9.3% overnight, then go ahead and add some Chinese stocks. Otherwise you should maintain, or possibly slightly reduce, your pre-announcement position.
  3. Hi Cutten,

    I think it wont last long time but chinese population is famous for their "optimistim" about investing in stock markets or gambling, see how their index moved up and down these last 10 months...
  4. Going back to 6000 soon
  5. S2007S



    too funny, i heard this last night on bloomberg, could not believe the rally that took place over such news....

    they showed the difference between August 2007 and April 2008, the trading floors where people used to trade the Shanghai is completely empty....they said 70% of the trading that went on in that market was by INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS...
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    Im sure any investor who got in will quickly take profits on the way back up keeping the market in a sideways trading environment.
  7. it was way oversold which is why it bounced back so hard. From 6000 to 3200 on panic selling and profit taking. The chinese econony is booming and here is no reason why it wou;dn't rebound to 6000 soon.
  8. No kidding. Check out CAF today. People couldn't wait to sell that puppy after yesterday's move. 47 and c'ya all the way down to 45.66.

    Full disclosure - long CAF :D
  9. Is CAF better than HAO or TDF? Why did you pick CAF?
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    The Chinese Communists lowered taxes, that is why there was a blizzard overthere. Meanwhile the American Communists want to raise taxes ... when are they going to get back with the party line? Or are they intentionally drying to depress the NYSE ?
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