China should be sued for $6.5 trillion for coronavirus damages says top UK think tank

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    In Australia we have our share of politicians and iron ore magnates selling their souls to Chinese interests.
    The Chinese bribe them with cash, deals and perks.
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    That's how the West has been deindustrialized the last 40 years. Traitors in our own Gov, top Banks and Corps. ChiCOMS happy to bribe and pay off anyone they can . It's their way of life. They are very different then us.
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  3. it's troll article. pathetic journalism
    tabloid news
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    Twiggy' Forrest defends sending PPE to China
    By Hamish Hastie

    Western Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest has revealed he sent “tens of thousands” of pieces of medical PPE to China when the country was in the grip of its coronavirus crisis in January and February.

    Dr Forrest defended the move on 6PR’s Breakfast program on Wednesday morning and said if he hadn’t helped back then his Minderoo Foundation would not have been able to source the tens of millions of pieces of PPE from Chinese medical suppliers coming into Australia now.

    Mining magnate Andrew Forrest sent medical equipment to China when the country was going through the worst of the COVID-19 crisis.Credit:Trevor Collens

    Last month it was revealed two major Chinese developers, Risland and Greenland Australia had sent tonnes of medical equipment to the country over January and February.

    By late January medical experts were worried about a looming PPE shortage in Australian hospitals if a COVID-19 outbreak occurred.

    “I would just say there has been a bit of banter saying, ‘oh there are these business people, these bad, bad business people sending precious masks and PPE to china in January and February’. I am guilty as charged,” Dr Forrest said, claiming the Chinese were "remembering we stood up for them and they’re standing up for us right now".

    “I’m just so grateful we did that for them because we would be stuck without China now.”

    Last week Dr Forrest announced his foundation has put $160 million on the table to source medical PPE and sell it to the WA government at cost.

    It has secured 1 million N95-equivalent face masks, 400,000 surgical masks, 2.3 million medical-grade gloves, 100,000 nasal swabs, 200,000 medical coveralls, 10,000 medical goggles, 5000 touchless thermometers and 31 intensive care ventilators.
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    The usual slanted bs.
    The whole West's industries (including Europe) hollowed out by uncompetitive behaviour from China.
    "Stuck without China" - ffs!
    Which industry can compete with this cheap shit from Asia?
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    Instead of suing China, you can try shorting China, by going to play in their financial market,and short their derivatives,

    check out how here
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    anybody seen my car keys? how bout you dr science?
    "...U.S.’ top biological warfare research facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland...Specimens of highly contagious and deadly pathogens...anthrax, ebola, hanta virus and a variant of AIDS, two of the missing specimens had been labeled “unknown” – “an Army euphemism for classified research whose subject was secret,” according to reports. The vast majority of the specimens lost were never found and an Army spokesperson would later claim that it was “likely some were simply thrown out with the trash.”
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    Gee, you really got yourself worked up into some kind of hateful rage there, didn't you? Hope you find peace in your heart.

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