China should be sued for $6.5 trillion for coronavirus damages says top UK think tank

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    Whenever there is a virus outbreak of this category there are containment procedures. Investigating the virus is the second step. You don't just let it spread around for months before taking action.

    The fact remains there were many cases early on and China tried to bury and forget about it. This was deliberate and they had plenty of time to take action.

    My economic setback? I'm up and the outbreak has been beneficial for me thus far. But I'm not a simple voice for my account balance, maybe you are, why else assume something like that?
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    How many are your stated "many"? Thousands? Hundreds? Dozens? You are the one who now over several pages has made wild assumptions. I based my statements on facts. You were proven wrong on when the world found out that the virus spreads human-to-human and you are equally wrong with your insinuation that China at large was allowing the virus to spread beyond its borders as if it could have been prevented. You have so far not presented a single proof that conclusively shows that the spread was preventable. I agree with you that initial cases were handled unprofessionally, but that does not automatically correlate with a preventable spread. You are jumping to a baseless conclusion.

    How about you calm down a bit, you now started trolling me in other threads. We both agree that China falsified numbers. We disagree that the spread was preventable. Sure, in hindsight, everything is preventable. Even an HIV spread in the 1980s. We could have put up a huge wall around the first virus cases. Hindsight makes everything look simple.

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    So you haven't heard of MERS nor SARS at all? Again, read a bit before replying to me.
    MERS is also a coronavirus. The start was in the middle east and almost identical to this one. It was not as infectious but otherwise similar. It was contained fairly early on and not ignored by authorities.

    Then there was SARS about 20 years ago. Almost identical story.
    That's your evidence. Quite clear cut.

    This is not the first time in history something like this happened and won't be the last. Only difference is how you handle it. China is known to sweep things under the rug and that's exactly what they did here.

    HIV was completely different and unexpected. There was no other comparable lentivirus affecting humans, so it's very much an unique case. As I pointed out earlier, dangers of coronaviruses have been known for a long time, this wasn't a surprise out of nowhere even if it was a surprise for you personally.
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    You are twisting and turning. We talk about CV. Not SARS, not MERS. The human-to-human infection potential was not known as recent as early middle of January 2020. You can divert as much as you want. Facts are facts. And if you knew about human-to-human infection rates and potential before all the experts in this field perhaps you are currently not following your true calling and should instead become our global pandemic expert. You seem to know it all about China and the surrounding area. Funny, given I bet you live a few thousand miles further away from the epicenter than I currently do.

    Sorry, but I can't point you to more facts (I have done so with links on previous pages). I am happy to agree to disagree but am tired of repeating the same over and over. And I am not into namecalling (anymore). Let's just move on. I leave you the last word but am out of this thread.

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    I never said that. But nice try trying to spin it back against me while not addressing my point.

    Nice dodge. Does your husband carry your purse for you and insert your tampons too?
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    Mumbling about tampons now, cool. Whatever floats your boat.

    You either believe the North Vietnamese can decide the country's fate or the South Vietnamese. By default, if the South cannot then it must be the North. Might be too complicated for you to comprehend.
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    You never did answer if your husband carries your purse. But I can feel the seething through the screen. It's quite obvious actually since you can't let this go. I never knew having estrogen makes one so emotional cupcake. There there I know it's hard because your IQ is lower than the speed limit.

    And what the fuck does faith have to do with this? You can't even keep on topic you are too retarded.

    I'm not even going to address the logical fallacy in your argument and the binary thinking. We're not even there yet. @d08 needs to comprehend at a > 3rd grade education level first.
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    Picking on a typo now, new lows for Mr. @tsznecki.
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    @d08 Nice edit, nice backtrack. Again another dodge. And again you don't address any points I have outlined.

    But it's ok society doesn't kill off people with such level of mental retardation like yourself these days. Just don't have kids muffin. And if you do, put them down.
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    I actually confused you with someone else. Looked at your post history and saw the mental issues.

    Since you're guy who says ET is going down hill -- you might read any of your own posts to find out why. Basically in 2 years you've added nothing but your useless commentary.

    Hope you get help.
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