China should be sued for $6.5 trillion for coronavirus damages says top UK think tank

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    Dude, even China was not sure in January 2020 whether the virus can spread between humans. Neither was Hongk Kong. And HK has the world's leading virologist experts on SARS and also now Corona. Your suggestions are simply factually wrong.

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    I stated clearly that my statement is in the context of China not being the aggressor. Vietnam invaded Cambodia which China defended and threatened retaliatory measures. Your second comment is true but has nothing to do with this issue.

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    You made some wild claims that China and the world knew early on about human to human infections of this Corona virus strain. That simply remains untrue or at the very least completely unproven. And just to deflate your communist suspicions, even leading HK virologists who are by wide agreement among the world's leading experts on pandemics like this were not sure in January whether the virus can spread between humans. Only the first actual documented cases demonstrated that this was possible. What happened in China in December is at best very nebulous. You can blame China for that but it's completely speculative that the spread might have been completely contained if China communicated this outbreak earlier.

    You sound like you are extremely pissed off and need someone to blame for your economic setback or family inconveniences.

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    Oh wait hold on. So only South Vietnamese are actual Vietnamese?

    So by your logic, only people in Dixie are Americans?

    I like how you try to frame the narrative like you know shit because you talked a "Vietnamese guy".
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    I'm pretty sure the British Empire and the Mongols are pretty high up there as well. Not to mention Soviet Russia. CCP China isn't a saint, but let's talk facts.

    You have any stats or links on this or are you making stuff up like your wife is faithful?
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    Li Wenliang, the ophthalmologist whose early warnings about the coronavirus earned him a reprimand from Chinese authorities, is finally receiving justice — albeit posthumously. Authorities in the country are apologizing to his family and dropping their reprimand, six weeks after his death from the disease caused by the virus.

    Widely known as a whistleblower who spoke up about the outbreak in the city of Wuhan, China, the 34-year-old doctor was initially punished by local authorities. They said he was "spreading rumors" in early January, after he had tried to warn others about the emergence of the novel coronavirus that has now become a global pandemic.

    By the time the young doctor died of COVID-19 in early February, the virus had already claimed hundreds of lives. To date, more than 3,000 people have died of the virus in mainland China.

    News of his death, coupled with accusations that the government was covering up the outbreak, triggered an avalanche of outrage from a wide cross-section of Chinese society. In response to popular demand, the central government dispatched investigators two days later to look into the circumstances surrounding his police reprimand and death.

    Beijing's investigators now conclude that Wuhan authorities acted "inadequately" when they reprimanded the late doctor and failed to follow "proper law enforcement procedure." They did not, however, explain what the correct response should be.

    Investigators also characterized his efforts to sound the alarm on the coronavirus as a positive influence that aided in raising awareness.

    Shortly after the official findings were published, Wuhan police announced that the two officers responsible for improperly reprimanding Li have been disciplined.
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    So the CCP threatened punishment on a doctor because he was talking bs about it spreading, and that was in the early days.
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    Amun Ra

    Then tell me when USA was the aggressor? Because I can say we invaded Afghanistan because the Taliban attacked us on 9/11. I can say we went to war in Iraq because they attacked Kuwait. North Vietnamese attack us in 1964 so they were the aggressor.

    Every act of war was retaliatory.

    Checkmate, commie.
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    No I won't tell you. It's not worth it. Stay safe and healthy.

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    So wait, your argument is that only North Vietnamese are Vietnamese, what the south wants doesn't count. I can't believe you cannot see the obvious hole in your argument.
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