China should be sued for $6.5 trillion for coronavirus damages says top UK think tank

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    Out of all the countries China has concealed, withheld, declined to share, accused everyone but itself, all and any evidence it could that it is as vulnerable as anyone. However the fact that it's population consumes odd organs from species that are not in any western society and has brought on SARS, Avian Flu, etc., there should be responsibility. You think China numbers on this page are true?

    Just quantify US 1/4th of its population and it's growth curve of infections vs China. And you think they aren't lying? You ever been offered a real Rolex for $40 bucks?

    It has had no growth in cases?
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    Amun Ra

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    Now you know how I feel. This is the result of our failing education system, where they crank out too many knuckle-heads who can't read between the lines. :rolleyes: (No sarcasm intended this time)
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  4. The US has declared on occasion that it's own citizens have used WMD's to carry out domestic attacks. I haven't heard a peep out of our government calling out China for use of a real WMD. The US needs to stop throwing that term around if they're not going to use under appropriate circumstances. Unless it is solely a tool of domestic control. Which so far it has been.
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    OK, I should have been more specific, China has never been the aggressor when it was at war with any other nation, that obviously excludes any civil/domestic conflict with territories already belonging to China. The only exception I can think of is Tibet.

    I ask again, what is your country's track record?

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    Fit's in the same category as suing ex employer (France) , because someone got fired and afterwards jumped out of the window.
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    Nope. If China dealt with it when Chinese doctors first alerted the authorities, the virus would have not left Hubei province. Europe and US would have nothing to deal with.
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    Disagree. RNA viruses originate all around the world and frequently enough and most of the times they turn out to be way less infectious and harmful. It was previously not even known that Corona can be passed between humans. My point is that in many previous cases around the world of RNA virus spreads, nobody made a big fuss out of it and rightly so. A lot of low probability events hit this time all at the same time. I am not defending china's poor choice of covering up but it's highly doubtful and nowhere proven that the virus would not have spread beyond China with earlier notifications. Look at how Europeans, Australians, and Americans treat the risk even now. It's absolutely inconceivable that the virus would have been contained if it happened in Europe or America or Australia.

    I don't want to be too cynical but if we Europeans and Americans had actually taken this serious early on (the exact thing you blame China has not done) the spread would have been widely contained. Germans did not give a shit and laughed it off. So did Americans, Canadians Australians, and the rest of Europe. You are blaming China for something none of the other countries have done even with the benefit of hindsight.

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    I will call it underestimate.
    Undersetimate means your country's official new coronavirus cases are significantly lower than reality.

    Every country underestimates.
    If China conceals, every country conceals.
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    Didn't know I was dealing with a complete imbecile.

    Ever heard of MERS? Also known as MERS-CoV. Guess what the CoV stands for -- CORONAVIRUS. Has killed thousands officially and in secretive countries like Saudi Arabia, probably a lot more. And it transfers from human-to-human.

    Chinese government literally suppressed information by either being ignorant or simply not giving a damn. Either way they were completely incompetent and are at fault for it becoming as bad as it did.

    "Dr Li, 34, tried to send a message to fellow medics about the outbreak at the end of December. Three days later police paid him a visit and told him to stop. He returned to work and caught the virus from a patient. He had been in hospital for at least three weeks.

    On 30 December he sent a message to fellow doctors in a chat group warning them about the outbreak and advising they wear protective clothing to avoid infection.

    What Dr Li didn't know then was that the disease that had been discovered was an entirely new coronavirus.

    Four days later he was summoned to the Public Security Bureau where he was told to sign a letter. In the letter he was accused of "making false comments" that had "severely disturbed the social order".

    "We solemnly warn you: If you keep being stubborn, with such impertinence, and continue this illegal activity, you will be brought to justice - is that understood?" Underneath in Dr Li's handwriting is written: "Yes, I do."

    He was one of eight people who police said were being investigated for "spreading rumours".

    At the end of January, Dr Li published a copy of the letter on Weibo and explained what had happened. In the meantime, local authorities had apologised to him but that apology came too late.

    For the first few weeks of January officials in Wuhan were insisting that only those who came into contact with infected animals could catch the virus. No guidance was issued to protect doctors.

    But just a week after his visit from the police, Dr Li was treating a woman with glaucoma. He didn't know that she had been infected with the new coronavirus."


    Now tell me again how they could've done nothing.

    The amount of people talking about viruses now on ET having done NO reading at all is astounding. Either read up on the subject or shut up.
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