China sees inflation jump to 5.1%, a 28-month high

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  1. Inflation in China has risen to a 28-month high, sparking warnings of new interest rate rises.

    The inflation rate, measured by the consumer price index, rose 5.1% year-on-year in November, an increase that was above market expectations.

    On Friday, China had reported much stronger than expected export growth in November, adding to inflation fears.

    Inflation has in the past caused unrest in China, where poor families spend up to half their incomes on food.

    Don´t worry. Be happy.

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    It looks like China is going to look at fighting inflation by lowering the velocity of money before it touches money supply.
  3. interesting how our monetary policy is slowly breaking china, eventually they may even be forced to unpeg their currency.
  4. China up 3% last night. Inflation came in right on the number (surprise). Rate hike was expected over the weekend and it didn't come, so its party time. Shades of the US in 97. Markets are the same everywhere.
  5. One thing the US exports to China is our monetary policy. I know it's not as cool as lead-painted kids toys, but the jokes on China.
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    Or launch another missle that lands a little closer to the western coastline.

  7. This is not big news.

    The US is inflation numbers are bogus. Food and Energy have moved well in to the 3% if not higher range.
  8. Ben's plan seems to be having an effect.
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