China Says Fed Must Explain Bond-Buying or Endanger Recovery

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  1. Has anyone done a study as to the lifespan of a country's economy once they turn from a net exporter to a net importer? That might answer a lot of questions.
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    Has anyone considered a possibility of the FED continuing easing and at the same time raising short term interest rates?
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    Capitalism within the context of global economy is not suitable and scalable. Hope somebody fixes this.
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  4. Nobody demanded anything.
    Do yourself a favour and re-read the article , before you babble on abt '' who we've seen off '' We are living in very differrent times.
    If the US stopped buying every single item from China , its problems would still be there, albeit even bigger.
    The only thing the Chinese are interested in ''seeing'' is the economic war , and guess who's winning.
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  5. This same character also rejected out of hand the US proposal on limiting current account deficits, saying other issues were more important, "for example quantitative easing".
    Meantime, we have this:

    No one seems to remember just what kind of regime we're dealing with here.
    As for babbling, forty years ago they were babbling about how the USSR was going to bury us.
    Thirty years ago it was the Arabs.
    Twenty years ago it was the Japanese.
    So, come back in twenty years and we'll see who's winning this "economic war".
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  6. a broken clock is still right twice each day. point being that saying to purchase something then being right about it 10 years later is pointless and of zero value.
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    Imports goods from America.
    Refurbish those goods and export them back to America.
    This is Chinese version of Global Economy.
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    You're kidding right? The Chinese can trace their heritage back 12,000 years. America? A couple of hundred. Oh, and yeah, we have never just minded our own business. Which is why we have been in 12 wars in 234 +/- years, and have military bases in over 80 countries.
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  9. China does not respect an America that's been defeated from within by European immigrants who permeated the fabric of america, thos who the puritans and pilgrims fled from.

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    the question is - is jm rogers correct.
    the fact is china pegs are currency... so they have no credibility until they allow their currency to float.

    the fact is bubble ben is allowing on congress to overspend.
    if no one wants to buy our debt... should we not balance our budget.

    ben may know economics very well. but even if he does not the bankers who own the shares of the federal reserve banks do.

    The question is are they do what is right for america or what is right to further their interests.

    its odd that volcker worked so well for the us and that ben is working so poorly.

    it is also odd that the fed let china swap out of 1.5 trillion of agency bonds and into U.S. bonds.

    but now we seem to be following a goal of massive inflation.
    The adminstration and the fed seemed to be convinced that is the path to follow...

    I wonder if putting up tariffs and letting our industries rebuild would not be a far better course of action.
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