China: Rich should pay to fight climate change

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  1. China may be the biggest CO2 emitter, sitting on $2 trillion of foreign exchange, take 10s of millions of manufacturing/assembly jobs from over 100 countries, and they want the "rich" countries that keep them afloat and buy their wares to pay for global warming???

    China: Rich should pay to fight climate change

    China said Tuesday richer countries should set aside 1 percent of their gross domestic product to help poorer nations fight global warming.

    China has long called on developed countries to shoulder what it says is their historic burden to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that are chiefly responsible for causing a rise in global temperatures. But the latest remarks by a senior Chinese climate official were the first to propose specific demands on rich countries.

    "The funds that developed countries provide for developing countries to deal with climate change should represent approximately 1 percent of the GDP of the developed countries," said Gao Guangsheng, who heads the climate change office at the National Development and Reform Commission, China's top economic planning body.

    An international mechanism also needs to be established to support the transfer of technology to cut harmful emissions, Gao said, according to a transcript of a news conference posted on the Web site of the information office of the State Council, or Cabinet.

    China now generates a large share of the world's greenhouse gases, with some experts saying it has already overtaken the U.S. as the world's No. 1 emitter.

    Gao said the developing countries had to take action to fight climate change, but that richer countries must provide money and technology to help poorer ones.

    Negotiations are continuing on a successor to the U.N.-sponsored Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. A major U.N. climate change conference in December in the Polish city of Poznan will include delegates from more than 190 countries.

    Gao's remarks also come ahead of an international conference on climate change next month in Beijing, organized by the U.N. and the Chinese government, to promote transfer of international green technology.

    Environment ministers from the U.S., China, Canada, India and the European Union have said the world financial crisis must not halt efforts to combat global warming.

    The U.S. rejected the Kyoto accord, arguing it would harm American business and made no comparable demands on emerging economies. China, India and other large developing countries signed the accord but refused to accept a binding agreement that they said would limit their development and their ability to ease poverty at home.
  2. China took no jobs from America. Slick Willy gave them away for free.
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    Look at this as 1st offer. With counter offers, at least there will be negotiation. This issue so far is dead at the international stage.
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    "Climate change" is a farce. It's all about wealth redistribution and slowing capitalism.

    Fortunately it will be forgotten with all of the economic problems.

    It may rear it's ugly head again, if the newer data doesn't disprove it.
  5. The west has been polluting the world for 200 years since the Industrial revolution, and now they want China to pay for it???

    YEAH. GOOD DEAL. whitey always wins.
  6. There is huge bucks in Global Warming, 45 Trillion in infrastructure around the world and loans will be placed to fund all of it too. Al Gore has made a few millions off of it already.

    The earth is cooling currently and it's pretty obvious that warming comes from fluctuations in the sun's output because all 9 planets in the solar system were warming but likely that will not matter. They will be saying that carbon reduction is necessary because this is just a temporary cooling period or something...
  7. Why don't you write to the IPCC and bring your findings to their attention. Maybe a reference to your peer reviewed scientific paper would lend more weight to your case. It surely must be just an oversight on their part that the planetary data hasn't been considered.
  8. Thanks for the header there Trader. Fuck China and their stupid politics, rhetorics and PR campaigns. This is what you get when someone thinks they have a bit of power, it gets to their head.

    As for climate protection, I don't really believe either the US or China will take any lead here, it will be smaller countries, individual companies against the odds, that will make the new business models viable and then the gold rush will ensue.
  9. I'd like to see peer reviewed data that your dad was your biological father first.
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