China retaliation predictions?

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    China has been fleecing the US for 3 decades now. About time some maths is corrected.

    Well done Trump, although I do not agree with his policy on Iran which was in a "well contained" situation not harming anyone or making any nukes.

    But overall, Chinese need to start sharing some profits from the sweat shop outputs.
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  2. This is so key. It is entirely humiliating for some Asian cultures to ask for dignity from their counterparts. It means that they are backed into a corner.

    However, it means that they can just as easily become ruthless. So it's worth it to hypothesize what damage they could do that ISN'T all out war. Attacking infrastructure, etc would be grounds for a war and in that case, I would recommend that you get a gun and move out to the country.
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    It's not the US education that needs fixing, it is till top in the world at university levels. Average high school grades for say maths can be lower, hence those with lower numbers do not take math as the major and go into business admin or marketing or even computers closed for lower numbers in math and science etc. US still produces top notch research and innovation in nearly every field.

    Where US is forced to buy from overseas is the cost of labor. $10/hr factory cannot compete with $5/day i.e. 40 cents/hr. unit overseas.
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    then why are the papers selling at such low yields.

    what you and I think doesn't matter right.

    and by the way Buffett hasn't bot anything outright because per his own words it's much cheaper to buy on the open market, which he did on aapl and amzn.
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    that can never happen... how many high ranking officers and rich people have their wifes/mistresses/children/hard and soft assets hiding in the US right now? and think there is no such 'hostage' problem for the US.
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    You forgot all of his involvement in pyramid schemes. But I guess those are just a less obvious pump and dump.

    He's deeply polarized the RNC. More libertarian leaning right voters will likely swing to a candidate like Biden in order to get Tariff man off the podium and someone with actual experience in foreign policy and economics in. His deep right, traditionalist, room temperature IQ constituency will continue to vote for him. No different than the purple-haired room temperature IQ SJW types on the left.

    Unless he secures a trade deal and undoes the damage there is virtually no way he will win 2020. The volatility is enough that non-traders are starting to get nervous.

    Do you think in 2020 between the 24/7 ads playing every stupid thing he's ever said on loop, 24/7 rehashing of every psychotic episode he has on twitter, and virtually no actual platform outside of the rather empty statement of "Make America Great Again" he stands any chance against anyone? His "muh deep state" argument against anything and everything has gotten tired even to his strongest supporters. A wet paper bag has a more nuanced foreign policy than him. His only play would be to hope Bernie or Warren, who are objectively worse for the country than him, are his competition. He's given the Democrats so much material to paint him as a schizophrenic off his meds that all they have to do is fuck up less than average to win.
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    American companies do seem very good at competing with the best in the world, although it is certainly much harder in China largely due to local regulations
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  8. Apple, P&G, GM and Ford are doing very well in China, the last time I checked.
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    The Chinese are good people ... smart and industrious. But they have been cheating the system (IP, trade, Currency manipulation, etc) and they’ve been fingered.
    America has been enjoying the short term fruit for the long term pain.
    Well now the long term pain is approaching and the one way to alleviate it somewhat is to get China to play fair.
    If they continue to play cards crooked, we pick up our chips and walk away.
    Only a loser continues to play a game that’s rigged.

    Keep talking to them and convince them to put that Ace back in the deck.

    If talks stop - all bets are off.

    I love Trumpy not backing down. He’s got it right.
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