China Rate Hike?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Anybody anticipating this in the next month to occur? Or will they just allow their markets to soar?
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    I don't think its going to happen. China last week showed growth of 11%, thats very impressive. They are worried about inflation but to raise rates, less than a 2% chance.
  3. bfft let em raise it
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    are you trading in china? you seem to be lack of information.
    rate will go up for 100% sure, but it does not matter. i have tens of insight information. i know which fund is buying which stock and at what price they will sell. you have to know the right people.
  5. Guaranteed to raise rates soon, but it will not matter at all.
  6. A rate hike will only be marginal and might occur after "other" nations have made their adjustment first.

  7. so whats the ending of the china market? 9 months 1500-3700 and last 6 weeks 2700-3700. this parabolic run could go to 4000-4500 but will end in a meltdown
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  9. A lot of people + very strong gambling habits + strong growth + corruption/inside info = market going up to 7000 maybe even 8000 before it nosedives.
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    the growth is so high that my holdings are only have P/E of 12-15 with EPS growing at 100% and Sales growth at 50%.

    stocks will fill the economy with tons of cash, so people will be rich or feel rich then they spend more. i already see people cash out their stocks to buy cars, houses, LVs, overseas travel. it is a perfect circle!
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