china raises interest rates

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  1. Will us equities shake this off as well?
  2. Yeah that's what countries are supposed to do.

    Raise interest rates because Chinese economy is not Fake.

    US driven by Federal Reserve economy is fake economy.

    Any questions ?

    "Ah Johhny I got a question"

    Yes what it is ?

    "Well who cares what you call US economy or what your definition is. We still have food water, energy, holywood, etc"

    Yes we have all that.........but for how much longer grasshopper.

    6 months? 10 years ? We will be nothing but dust in history as long as Few powerful Bankers tell you how to live work and die abroad in wars.
  3. Take Reagan who was the 40th President of the United States

    The man most of you adore.

    How many of you people know that during Reagan reign, US debt went from 700 billion to 3 trillion.

    But CNN, BBC, CBC told you the man is a hero.

    So we will keep repeating that.

  4. Johhny, remember that Dr Feinberg said you'd feel like this if you didn't take your medicine?

    Now, climb carefully down from the lamp and put your clothes back on.

    That's it!


    You'll feel much better in a minute ...
  5. Prove me wrong

    I'll give you 2 k if you can prove me wrong.

    Under Reagan US debt went from 700 billion to 3 trillion. Prove me wrong.

    Abattia .............. almost every man can pick up a gun and shoot someone. You can be a coward and still manage to do it.

    It takes special courage, intellectual courage. To look at the truth and not break down psychologically.

    You abattia are a coward :cool:
  6. Under Reagan, the number of employees in the federal government grew from $2.8 million to $3 million. The national debt grew from $700 billion to $3 trillion during his time in office. And he may have lowered taxes but he also raised taxes after having lowered them. Still, Sarah Palin remembered him as a friend to the Real American.
  7. During that time when Reagan was a president, his (approval rating) among Americans was at the same level as George W. Bush at end his first term. Currently, though, Reagan was moved up to the category of 10 best American Presidents of all times.
  8. Roark


    This is not a political chat board. If you want to post that kind of crap there are 10,000 sites to do so. Try the dailykos or something. Otherwise welcome to my ignore list.
  9. Oh I am so sorry sir.

    So sorry I brought you truth you don't want to hear.

    Please don't put me on ignore. I'll start posting your version, your propaganda. Just don't put me on Ignore.

    I'll start saying Debt is good.

    Debt is good damn it :p I'll buy a picture of Reagan
  10. How many of you take or took science classes.

    To fix the problem, you have to first figure out what the problem is.

    Those of you saying that Reagan debt topic should not even be discussed on Trading board.

    It's like saying We can talk about tennis. But we can't talk about tennis equipment.

    You know what, I am through being nice.
    You can all go to hell in your ignorance.

    Baron call me when you got subscription ET so that not ever fool can comment.
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