China pulls ahead in Stem Cells, U.S. invests in old businesses (autos, finance)

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  1. U.S. has mortgaged its future to invest in 80's businesses.

    Hordes of brokers with slick-backed hair, selling whatever has the highest commission (I worked at a brokerage). And cynical UAW members sealing coke bottles in car doors.

    600 years ago China gave up its chance to lead the world. It's astonishing fleet of seagoing ships was ordered burned by the Emperor, and China turned in on itself.

    This is the moment where the U.S. drops the ball, instead of making the necessary adjustments.

  2. China will not be another US. 2008 olympics proved that to me decisively.

    While China was busy "putting its best face for the world" entry and exit into beijing were restricted and certain polluting industries were (temporarily) shut down(God forbid tourists saw the horrible air quality in beijing, lol).

    No freedom, no individualism and no sense of entrepreneurship. "chinese miracle" is nothing more than enslaving and prostituting of a large portion of the population for the benefit of few.
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    California took a four billion dollar bond out a few years ago to foster stem cell therapy... I have not heard of any successes from the research to date...

    You can go outside the US and Canada and get it already, I have no idea if it works that well or not..
  4. how is the "american dream" any different?

    how is the average person's job (including that of an american) any better than that of a prostitute? any job where you do what you are asked to do, (you do understand that people work in order to earn money or whatever), is selling yourself for money, be it your cunt, your hands, your brain or even worse your mind

    you need to open your eyes; almost all humans are replicable, be it americans or chinese, they are no more than biological machines, who only exist to serve, and when they fail to serve they feel worthless and become social rejects, then there are only a small percentage of humans who are far beyond your average slave, they exist to be served, they are born masters, and are served by the huge population of slaves/prostitutes

    your chance of succeeding big in america is equal to your chance of winning the lottery, you can try and prove this false, by wasting all your life and trying to make your big dream come true, but you might want to consider this question; what if all the media hype around billionaires who started from scratch and worked day and night to get to the point they are in now, is just another lie like all the other lies, to give you the sense that you too can become one of them only if you work very hard round the clock? and don't worry about your family, that is if you have any, government will take good care of them, the 12 years of schooling your child has to go through will prepare him to be a good slave just like his father, and he too will dream big and work hard to achieve his dream ...
  5. "China pulls ahead in Stem Cells, U.S. invests in old businesses (autos, finance)"

    What do you expect? for the last 4 years or so, 30% of the media, politics, congress, american's time and their money has been circulating around the gay marriage shit, and it's still not over
  6. I've always wondered about that. Our economy right now is running purely on deus ex machina; I see the future holding diminishing capacity to produce the stories that tie an MBA or MD to the upper-class wealth. An ever increasing portion of these professionals will earn less for their services, and the rags to riches story (all you need is that degree, right?) will become more and more transparent as a lofty and idealistic view.
  7. You really have no clue. If you gathered information from sources other than your TV, maybe you'd shop at Saks rather than Publix.

    I've done business in China for almost 15 years (40+ trips there over that time period). I've never met a more entrepreneurial society. Everyone's out to improve their lives and those of their children through hard work and industriousness. In contrast, Americans by and large have become too accustomed to being entitled to this or that, and thinking they should be taken care of. China today is like America was 100 years ago - land of opportunity, where those who take initiative are rewarded, and society and the economy aren't hamstrung by the lawyers, the governement, the unions (which, ironically, are illegal in this "communist" country), etc.

    I can't stop ROTFLMAO at your assessment of the future of China based on what you think you saw on TV during last year's Olympics! Spend 10 minutes on any street corner in China and see for yourself how alive entrepreneurship is in that country!

    China's GDP will surpass the U.S.' GDP within 20 years. Very sadly, we in the U.S. are turning into the has-beens of Europe, as China turns into the new America.
  8. even worse, Europe had US to depend on, who does US have? Countries which are falling at a faster rate; like the UK

    You mean they have social security numbers which keeps track of every detail of their lives, even has scans of their anus included in the system, just in case some terrorist doesn't have friction ridge skin on his fingers. Come on, that doesn't mean they don't have freedom, silly you, they created that system to keep their people safe, don't you understand.
  9. The value of a Masters degree is mainly tied to the fact that one has to go through 18 years of inefficient schooling and the cost of obtaining it (tuition + books + no or little income while schooling), basically from a corporate point of view; anyone who can put up with that level of BS can easily put up with corporate BS too

    yes the educational system is highly inefficient, only someone with an IQ of less than 20 would need 18 years to obtain the small amount of knowledge a person gains through getting his Masters, but universities are inefficient on purpose, how else could they extract such large amounts of money from people who want that degree so badly (based on the assumption that it guarantees their future). One day the world is going to realize how insanely incompetent these schools are in providing the service they are supposed to provide, but that is probably far out in the future, for now any country who has or builds a more efficient educational system, even 30% more efficient than that of the US, will be far better off than the US some decades down the road, at least technologically speaking

    and I do agree, as time passes by, these so called professionals will have a smaller income to cost-of-living ratio, their income will die off with that of the middle class

    it's sad that in america they have these 100 year old systems, which are holding back the country, and yet the people in charge are not willing to change or fix these useless systems, of coarse this is because they find efficient change in the system a threat to their career, but not fixing it might have little impact in the present time but will hurt the future. ie, most university professors know that most of the stuff going on in the universities is just bs, but will never try to update the system, because that is what they live off of
  10. Didn't George Bush ban stem cell research because of pressure from the cruelest people on the planet, the radical religious right?

    The myopia and sheer stupidity of that decision takes the breath away.
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