China Prefab Manufacturers to Lead Modular Construction Industry?

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    (Not seeing much automation here yet.)
    China Prefab Manufacturers to Lead Modular Construction Industry?

    Modular Builder of the Year: Skender - Modular building, or the practice of constructing components in a factory through controlled manufacturing techniques and assembling them on the site, offers a lot of low-hanging fruit to the construction industry. It keeps workers away from perilous jobsite elements, allows for more efficiency and autonomy, reduces waste and cuts down on project time.

    But offsite is not just an interesting proposition anymore.

    Instead, it’s a way for the construction industry to self-actualize, according to Skender.

    It’s the only way for the entire building process to be completely vertically integrated, allowing for the most advanced, efficient delivery of a structure from start to finish, the firm says, adding to a sentiment McKinsey & Co. may have said best in a report on the market this year: Modular construction transforms the practice from project-based to product-based.

    Chicago-based Skender, a traditional construction firm for 64 years that’s now primarily known as a modular builder, says it’s on the cusp of a proposition that is as efficient a business model as the industry can imagine. And it’s ready to scale, with a “brilliant pipeline that’s validating its strategy,” according to Chief Technical Officer Stacy Scopano.
  2. The modular construction industry has existed for a long time.
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