China plans to lunch the world's largest fund

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  2. "China plans to launch the world's largest investment fund. It could play havoc with the U.S. economy."

    I say "bring it on".

    Chop chop with the Tsing Tsao. Ole saying "man who stands on pot get high". Think chinese stock market

    I thought the Thread title was Wall Streets eats China's largest fund for lunch. I have faith that sumbody is going to get screwed and it won't be us.:D
  3. How do you say Plunge Protection Team in chinese?
  4. I guess they will not be shorting in bear markets. They will be always-on like mutual funds.

    Shorting always rises political issues, so they would better avoid it.
  5. prunge plotection team
  6. 1. Wouldn't play havoc with the US economy.

    2. Chinese Govenment wants good return/profits, but they are not going to give you any just because you are in the market.

    3. Chinese Govenment do own shares for SOE listed on SSEC, but do you think they speculate like the retail investors?
  7. They will be doing it like Singapore Government's fund.
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  9. ...and you'll be hungry 1/2 hour from now.
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    :D hahahahaha... hahahahahaha
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