China Moves to Save Gaddafi as Russia Warns Of ‘All Out War’

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  1. An “urgent” dispatch from Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) chief Mikhail Fradkov to President Medvedev that is circulating in the Kremlin today says that the Chinese warship Xuzhou is preparing to offer protection to Libyan leader Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi and his family to protect them from assassination from the US-led air assault on that North African Nation.

    In what this report calls a “stunning betrayal” by the West, Russian leaders say their abstention in the United Nation Security Council vote to establish a no-fly zone over Libya to protect its civilian population from both Gaddafi and rebel forces is, instead, being used by the West to engineer their takeover of Libya’s vast oil and water resources, and which we had previously warned about in our March 8th report, “Global Resource War Warned Has Begun Between East-West.”

    Even though Chief of the Russian General Staff Nikolai Makarov had previously warned that foreign military intervention in Libya could trigger an all-out war with the West, his warnings have fallen on deaf ears as British Defense Secretary Liam Fox said the direct targeting of Gaddafi was “possible” and British submarines fired two missiles at the Libyan leaders compound in downtown Tripoli bringing number of civilians killed by the West to 48 with over 150 wounded.

    After the West’s massive killing of Libyan civilians Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich called for the immediate halt to the US-led attacks against Libya, a call that was joined by both China and India who just days before these attacks were said to be considering offers to drill for Libyan oil.

    China’s most important political newspaper, The People’s Daily, further warned that the United States and its allies are violating International rules and that in places like Iraq “the unspeakable suffering of its people are a mirror and a warning” and the military attacks on Libya are, following on from the Afghan and Iraq wars, “the third time that some countries have launched armed action against sovereign countries.”
  2. So true, the oil wars are just beginning. But, the US still has massive reserves in Alaska, and off the coast of California. This is all a chess game between Russia, China VS Europe, US.

    The US will start releasing the massive domestic oil reserves when oil hits 200 per barrel.
  3. RICEROCKET, your a mistaken.

    China has been buying up Natural Resources around the world since 06. One project i deal with is OIL. I raise money to drill DPPs, (Direct Participation Programs) in Oil and Gas. While we funded 20 million in 08 for the BAKKEN SHALE project, China bought 2 to 3 billion worth of "Producing" oil fields overseas. Not only that, they have been buying up Rare Metals, Mining rights in Afghanistan and Indonesia.

    There is no "WAR" and the EU paper is full of shit.

    The US has been a bunch of idiots for not focusing on the Oil and Gas overseas or mining rights. But China has not been an enemy on this issue, just smarter.

    And if Libya was about oil, then why does China own the majority of the Rights to OIL in IRAQ? The US did not move in that direction?

    I think the only thing you know about ASIA is the fact that you may drive a Honda. That's about it.

    Bottom line, China has played a damn good game of Poker. Not only have they bought AMERICA but they have secured a lot of Natural Resources around the world. All the while, the US worried about what it would look like if we Bought the OIL rights in IRAQ and Mining rights in Afghanistan.

    The US has drop'd the ball on this one and we will pay heavy for it. But, an all out war on Resources is bullshit.

    FYI: it is close to 12 midnight central time and I'm about to call my clients in Shanghai. I deal with China on a regular bases. Right now, we are working on a deal that will allow China to buy up some of our "Key" industry and "Key" Infrastructure. America is for sell and China is still buying.
  4. That's a good one. Case of the bully trying to shore up its itty bitty ego.
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    I think the world needs to get a taste of China as the super power, then and only then they will realize how good the Americans really are. It is my tax money that goes to get rid of tyrant rulers and then the Chinese move in to get the oil rights, now that is swell.
  6. No idea why the US has not secured its Energy.

    We are raising more money for the SHALE Play and the Chinese want into the BAKKEN, bad.

    80% of the Domestic DPPS are funded by Private Money. US citizens get a 100% tax write off, foreign do not. Yet, they want to throw millions into our own domestic drilling projects.

    The ban on drilling in the GULF, well lifted now with all but 2 rigs left in the GULF, will creep up on us by year end. Halted exploratory drilling in the GULF was a dumb ass move.; Should have Banned BP only.

    Nevertheless, from my view point...we are finished as a player economic wise. SOROS is correct about the only pure play we have is military and that will be cut here soon as the country is broke.

    Right now, with all the foreign capital flowing into our country, starting post 911 with SWFs, we are selling off our OIL, Farm Land, Infrastructural assets and debt. The only thing we as a Private Equity Group have not looked into is MUNI's and the Debt stricken Muni arena. But, we get inquires from CHINA, BRAZIL, INDIA and even Parts of the EU about Junk Debt in the Muni Sector.

    It just isn't a game that we have played, yet.
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    You can't blame china for that
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    I am Mexican so I see US as Other Country
    I think this time around US and France and UK really do want to help Lybian rebels

    The problem is US has lost all credibility and I mean all of it. USA right now doesn't have a shred of credibility due to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    So even if Americans knock on your door with gold coins, no one believes it. It's like Diablo suddenly telling you he realized evil is not a way to live
    No one would believe it
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    i'm not a Gaddafi fan but somehow this attack by the West don't feel right as it challenges any country's sovereignty what goes to mean any small country that owns any resources can one day become a target, even how the resistant forces seems to start one after another in the middle east and not elsewhere raises lots questions, also notice how they never pick on somebody their size
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